August 31, 2009

Wonderful yet tiring

The day in PISA was indescribable! Had a wonderful time working in my games registration stall, of course. Especially peeking at some cute kids playing games next to my stall. Haha. Not to forget, foodsss... Sad to say, I didn't try all the food, but everything I had is nice. There isn't anything much to do for my stall. *perhaps, everything is done by them, not me! I just sit there goyang kaki!*LOL All glory and thanks goes to our Loving God, ya? Nice weather, nice foods, nice people, all the events, and so much more. I regret going back home so early. Why? Cause people are giving out foods that are left for FREE! I heard people telling me they got whole boxes of siew mai and pau's to take home. And also sushi for just 1point! Never mind. Then later, dinner at Queens with May. Gaya hor? When people are going home to sleep after working all day, I still go Queens. LOL.

Sunday, went to church as usual. Then later noon, went Gurney. Watched 'Imagine That'. Haha. It wasn't my first time watching that movie, but I missed the ending at my 1st time. *I fast forward a lil okay?* then my dad pick me up for dinner at Oriental Seafood. Celebrated my mom's b'day. Bought her a cake and surprised her! But this wasnt her happiest moment. Guess what? When we were all at Sunset Bistro, she got a call. It was my aunt, she said she had just gave birth to a baby girl. Her long-waited-niece was born on her b'day! Get it? But the funny thing is, her niece/my cousin, was suppose to be born on 31st, today, Independent Day, but cannot wait already. Cause she is said to had accidentally pooped in her mother's womb. LOL. So no choice le.

My cousin sister.

Now, My mommy is going to KL. For a month! Say hello to walking back home from school, burgers from the nearby stall, fast foods, more junk foods, maggie mee, and not to forget, housework! Ouhh no. And no more going out. Cause she won't be here to fetch me to malls for a month! Great!

August 28, 2009

Dating myself?

Peek-a-Boo? LOL Am I going a little crazy these days? Some people say I am. What I did? I went Queens yesterday alone. Yes, A-L-O-N-E. Don't ask why. But out of a sudden, I just feel like doing things alone. As in, without anyone bothering you. Just my God and I. And so, my mom drop me to Queens. Had my hair cut before that. Just 1 inch shorter I think. Bought a movie ticket, Aliens in the Attic. Urgh, please do not watch it. Buy DVD will do. For me larh, it's just some lame movie le. Childish much. BUT, the actors are cute! LOL and one of the alien is cute too! You see that smallest alien in the picture(below)? Yea, IT! Ashley Tisdale is in the movie too!

Jalan-jalan for a while. Bump into May. Not really bump le, I knew she was there and thought of kacau her for a while. Besides catching a movie, the reason I was there is to get a new MicroSD card and the heels that I wanted, but I'm broke. Argh, never mind. I shall save my money for tomorrow's Mega Food Carnival. I think I haven's mention anything about the food carnival here before, have I? Anyway, It's tomorrow!, at PISA, from 10am to 4pm. Tons of foods, games, jumble sale, etc. You can purchase the tickets there at PISA. No worries. Make sure I see you there, alright?

Then later at night, I went Ananda for the 4 in 1 dinner. Celebrated Mabel, Melvin and Melissa's B'day and also ChiaMing's farewell. *fast forward a lil okay?* After dinner, went Starbucks at Island Plaza. Sat down, chats, cho siau a bit,... bla bla When I got home, my mom dragged me for supper. Gosh, too much food in a day. Anyway, gotta go. Haha, Im going Gurney with friends. I admit, I go out too much this holidays. Hehh. No choice le. Holidays mar, right? Take care!

August 25, 2009

Going Healthy?

Woke up early this morning. Yupp. 8.45 a.m. LOL, that is early for me okay? Hello? Its holiday! I am not suppose to wake up that early. Back to the topic, I went Ben's place today for badminton with May, S.wen, Gladys, Chiaming, Edward, Ivan, Yong wei, and Shaun! See, Im going healthy these days. Before that, my mom drop me off at Sunrise McD. Waited for May and S.Wen. Yes, both of them overslept! Nicely le. One said turned off the alarm in her dreams another one said woke up already, sleep back. What le. Nevermind. So, crossed the always-busy-main-road, walked to Ben's house. Waited, again, as usual, for ChiaMing who is suppose to bring the receipt down for us, overslept too! LOL. After badminton, went Gurney food court for lunch. Jalan-ed for a while. Bought snacks for my HK drama marathon! Hehe..

That's all for today. I think I'm bored of going out already. I don't feel like going for movies or party like I said I will, anymore! Just feel like staying at home and be a couch potato! Something is definitely wrong with me. And Im getting lazier and lazier each day! Lots of undone to-do-stuff. Moral folio, Civic folio, BM & Eng oral right after holiday. Gosh!.. What else?! Im going to faint already. I need one fine day for me to finish everything. *If Im in a hardworking mood* Ahaha! Okay. That's all for today. Very sleepy le.

August 24, 2009

Things to be done

The first thing that is to be done is,.....


Remember her? the survey?... Oh, and the results, I don't know who won though. But she definitely got quite a number of votes. Hahaha! Yes, she turned 16 yesterday. To May, Big girl already, huh? No more acting like a 2 year old kid. Or worse, 6 months old. LoL. I know you will kill me when you see this. BUT, God says, "Thou shall not murder" Nyek nyek! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday in Gurney. and the Tiramisu! haha! May God continue to bless you blessingly and use you in His mighty plan. *AMEN*

Back to the title. Holidays have started. And yes, loads of stuffs yet to be done.

1.I'm getting myself a pair of contact lens. *still under consideration*
2.Getting my hair cut. No!, no new style. Trim ONLY.
3.Start my folio! Moral and Civic. Gosh! I haven't started anything yet. Gulps.
4.Buy a new MicroSD card. My old one exploded. Memory full. HaHa
5.Get inks for my printer. Need to print out all the lyrics.
6.*pssttt* I want more shoes! hehh..
7.Go Salvation and take a look st Ps.Susan's book
8.Hiking trip to Penang Hill. Supposingly to be today. Erm, I forgotten to plan. LoL

Okay, This is what I can think of. Very sleepy now. How come everything listed there needs money! Aiks! Im going broke! Oh, Im going jogging later! Ahaha. I'm gaining weight already. Need to exercise more. And I mean MORE! Going healthy nowadays. Cut down on eating late at night and junk foods or fast foods. Gotta go. Enjoying the DVD I bought yesterday. SMILE!

August 21, 2009


Seriously, I'm getting bored already. I've been watching HK drama since my trials end. And now, I'm kind of out of drama to watch. Well, just movies le. So, anyone going to catch a movie, please please do call me, okay? *begs with puppy eyes* LoL. Of course I am happy that one week holidays that I long for is finally here! Isn't it weird the ways things are? When you're having schools, you long for holidays. But when holidays starts, and you got bored, you long for holidays to end. Weird, isn't it? Not only that. There is more! Like when you long to work? You name it, I'm sure most of you experience this before. I know you know what I mean, don't you? You know what, I'm just trying to kill my time here crapping. Byee! Happy holidays, peeps! Those going out somewhere for holidays, remember to buy souvenirs for me okie? =)

August 18, 2009

Effect of not looking at the price before you buy

Like what I had said in my previous post, I went Midlands just now. My purpose is to buy Hillsong's latest album. Besides, I got myself a DVD. In fact, it is a christian movie. Titled, Come What May. *Back to the title* Guess what? I was almost short of money to pay for the album and the DVD. Was looking around and "pop", this DVD caught my attention. Something in me was asking me to buy it. "It might be nice",says my heart. Sold!. Let's do some calculation,alright? I have RM77 in my pocket. My expected cost of the album is RM32.90 and the DVD,RM32.90 too! Total amount that I have to pay is RM65.80. So, I will have RM11.20 change. Manatau the album cost RM35.90 and the DVD,RM39.90. Total amount of money that I have to pay (in reality) is RM75.80. My this-week-allowance is now gone! I have RM1.20 left for this week until Saturday. Hallelujah!

I was doubting to buy the DVD at first when I was about to pay. But!, " you can actually spend RM70 ++ on heels or RM200++ on Nike shoes but you can't spend RM75.80 on this album and DVD? A spiritually film! Godly! Not your own needs/humanly desire",says my heart again. "But I will have RM1.20 left for 3days!?", says my thoughts. "Thou shall not worry for God provides", says my heart. In result, Heart won! *Going once, going twice, SOLD! to me!* LoL

What I'm trying to say is, It's a great film! It's talking about what we, teenagers are going through. Making the right decision. Such as, relationships, abortions, plans in life, problems that most couple face (commitment, appreciating one another, arguments, trust, sacrifices) And I truly learn a lot from this film. Though, it was a little boring in the front part. Maybe I was just too tired. But when it comes to the message, KA-BOOM! It was a blast! Anyone wants to watch it? You may ask from me. Text me if you ave my number. If not, just leave a message in my chatbox. P.S: the main character, Caleb Hogan (real name, Austin Kearney) is kind of cute! He has blue eyes! My dream guy.. *Faints* LoL

This album is just I-N-D-E-S-C-R-I-B-A-B-L-E! Awesome songs and powerful lyrics! It's worth it, okay? Just a reminder, Downloading is consider stealing In other word, SIN. If I'm not mistaken le. It's what some pastor from Youth Camp said. PLEASE DO CORRECT ME if I'm wrong. it's better to learn now than never, right?

One more to go!

Even if my trials is over, I still have lots of exams to go! Finals, SPM, car exams thingie, College then Uni? Gosh... and college have like three semesters in a year I think. Or maybe two! I don't know. And each semester has 4 times of exams. Not so sure about it too. But if it's true, this means that I have 12 exams in a year? Garh!.... Not counting the number of papers or hours of each paper or total of hour/minutes/seconds of the total of paper in a year! I think I'll be having a heart attack counting it. LoL. Still, one at a time, right? That's why God created time! So that everything will not just fall into place on the same time (as in second) Get what I mean? Hehh. And trials are hard! Harder than i thought it will be. Sad. Need to work really hard for my finals. But one problem! What if..... *to be continued if it really happens LoLoL*

Basically, Im just killing my time here. I'm bored! Well, was suppose to go Gurney with S.Wen today then go Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel for Ps.Susan's talk later at night. As in now! Yeah, but it did not work out well. I can't find my transport and Im currently stuck at my aunt's house. Plan ruined! But I hope I can go to the talk. Heard a lot of good comments about her preaching. Ahh.. Never mind. I guess my schedule for today is watching TV. My HK drama! Yay! Finally! Then later dropping by at Midlands to get my hands on the Hillsongs latest album. Faith+Hope+Love. Whee!.. And not to forget, more DVD's! My movie marathon starts today. So who is going to catch a movie? Remember to call me too! Haha. Okay. Going off now. Stay Tuned.

August 17, 2009

One more day and I'm done!

The title says it all. One more day and I'm done! Praying hard that Physics, the last paper will not be as bad as Chemistry and Biology. Honestly, Additional Mathematics is slightly easier than Biology. Yes, you've got that right. Additional Mathematics is easier than Biology. But of course, that doesn't mean I'll score in this paper. At least, I can do almost half of the paper for the first time in my life! For Biology, I crap in the structure part. All of it! Objective questions was okay, though. PTL! Aiyah, just a short update. Anyway, gotta go already. Need to get back to Physics.

August 13, 2009


I know I said I won't be blogging until my trials is over.
But, you know.
I'm trying to be a good blogger here, updating as much as I can.
*self-praising* =X
Haha. No ler. Just giving my brain a break.
I finish studying Chemistry, History, 3 quarter of Physics, and 1 quarter of Biology.
See! Just say I'm behaving very well lately! LoL
*pat pat*
Still, I have my reasons going online besides taking a break la.
But after this, seriously, not updating until trials is over!
*I hope so! Need to learn how to resist temptations!*
You see, I cant run away from it, right? Or I'll be out of my house!
Get what I mean?
Okay le. Going off soon. Practising Add Maths!
Miss me! =)
Now unto the lamb who sits on the throne
Be glory and honor and praise
All of creation resounds with the song
Worship and praise him the Lord of Lords
Thanks to Mich for this!

August 12, 2009

Love Is Not A Fight

Still remember the movie, Fireproof?
Anyway, This is a music video of Love is not a fight by Warren Barfield.
Enjoy. =)

August 11, 2009

Of Hiking and Trials

Just got back from a short hike! FYI, there's a hiking place nearby my place. Went with Jolene(cousin sis), Wai Kit and one of my cousin's friend. Sorry, I do not know her name. Paiseh. No larh, it's not a long hike. Although, I can proceed to the next stop where there is a nicer view of Penang! Still, Penang Hill's view is way nicer than this. Appreciate le! Anyway, I got tired and went back home by myself after half an hour of hike where the rest wanted to continue hiking to the top. *Used the short-cut on the way back! So, it's not that tiring. Hehh* Ouhh, I almost fainted AGAIN! LoL. Felt a little dizzy. *That's why I do not dare to continue hiking mar* Next time, I need to bring someone who is or was in RC just in case if I really fainted along the hike. Haha.

Reminding myself and those having exams this Saturday, 3 more days to go! And yes, I am studying. For your record, I do not study until the day itself or the day before! So those who do not know me well, please mind your words. Even my mom does not rush me or scold me. Cause she knows I have my own time table and plans. And if, I cannot finish it, I will wake up early the next day to study. That's why my parents aren't worried about me. Everyone has their own studying methods, right? So don't ever try to change them to become more like you for this is who they are. Let them learn from their mistakes! That's how they truly learn and not you telling them what to do best. Cause, they won't learn anything! But I'm not saying from now onwards you shall leave them alone! Don't get me wrong. Advice will very much do for them. But please mind your words. Some words might be mean and hurtful.

I think I'm starting to complain and complain and to complain! I talk too much lately. Too much!Must try not to waste time crapping and study!! Aite, gotta go. Hungry already. *Having apple for dinner* LoL. On diet la.

August 10, 2009

Enjoying Life (Edited)

Indeed, I am enjoying life. Very much, I would say. Trials is this Saturday any yet I can still go out for a movie. LoL. Wait wait, I haven't finish talking. I did study a little before I went for 3rd service. Yes!, for an hour? HaHa. Anyway, went Gurney after lunch to catch a movie with Kon Way and Ivan. Watched G.I.Joe. Trust me, it's a nice movie! Why trust me? Cause I do not watch or like action movie. And when I say it's nice, IT IS NICE! *or maybe because of Channing Tatum. LoL. I used to love him a lot last time. He's hot larh, okay? *screams!*

Okay Okay. Gotta go. Need to finish up History. 1 more chapter to go! Yay!!.. Take care ya! Cause I will not go online again until my trials is over. Soo.. See you soon! GBU.

August 7, 2009


This morning,(Friday) I had a Additional Mathematics test. It was last years trials. Honestly, I revised a little bit on Tuesday but got stuck in Chapter 1. Frustratedly, jumped to Chapter 5 and revised until the end of Chapter8, Circles. Guess what? I still cheat! Hehh!.. *If you consider what I've done as cheating le* I looked into the book for formula's! Haha and of course, a few examples given in the book to help me solve the questions I was stuck in. My so called reason "just wanted to check if I'm right". No doubt, I wasn't the ONLY one cheating! Some were looking at friend's answers, asking around if anybody knows how to do this and that, copying larh! Still, there are others who did the test by THEMSELVES. *I did too! Well, most of the questions. LoL*

And few days ago, (Wednesday) some people from Revo Recess came to our school and gave us a talk! Show Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up! They said "We Christians must show a good example to the people around us. For example, we must not cheat in the exams!" Shoot! I just did! *Repent repent!* LoL. End of story.

I'm just telling you all larh. Just too desperate for a topic to blog about. Anyway, I bought 8 cans of nescafe! Im going crazy, huh? *Hey, I spent my RM15, okay?*This is to ensure that I won't fall asleep studying. Then, I will have no reasons for me not to study. Brilliant idea? The bad thing is, I'm afraid I will get liver cancer before I reach the age of 21. Haha. I think I got no more time to type any longer. See you soon! =)

August 5, 2009


We are the revolutioners!

August 4, 2009

I don't like Add Mathematics!!
Gonna have short test tomorrow! =(
I'm still stuck in Chapter1, functions.
Feel like going to Penang Hill and scream on top of my lungs!

August 3, 2009

After trials?

11 more days to trials! *counting down* Erm, I did manage to study a little. Like erm, 3 pages of history a day? Hey what? It's kind of a bring improvement for me okay? I don't study until the day itself one! Those of you guys who know me well might know. If you don't know, I'm that kind of person who ONLY study on the day itself. Don't blame me! It's just me! Everyone has their own way of studying, right? =) Anyway, I exercised today! But no, I didn't sweat at all! Yeah, you got that right! Did not! I wonder why, though. I jogged a few rounds around my neighbourhood *if I'm not mistaken, 6 rounds i think* , 100 times of sit up, and 50 times of star jump. Isn't it more than enough? Arggh... Never mind!

Back to the main topic. Anyone up for movie marathon? As in, after my trials le which will be on August 20Th. Honestly, I have everything planned! LoL. Ouhh, and the list,
:::Public enemy
:::Ghosts of Girlfriends past
:::G.I Joe-rise of the cobra
:::Dance Flick
:::I Love You Beth Cooper
:::Imagine That
:::Final Destination 4
:::The Ugly Truth
:::Funny People
But of course, That I will have to wait. There are still some other movies which are not showing in the cinemas already. So I guess I will have to buy DVD's.
:::Race to Witch Mountain
:::He's Just Not That into You
:::Seven Pounds
Argh!! I cannot remember already larh. Brain not functioning well right now. LoL I'm starting to fell giddy. *Pssttt.. I think I almost fainted in the bathroom just now after exercising* Feel like going to sleep now. But I cannot! Need to revise Mathematics. Having a short test tomorrow. Sigh.Okay, I think I better go off now. Stay Tuned!