November 18, 2009


Allo to you people! I last blogged is a week ago. Not that long still. And school holidays is near! woo hoo. Not to forget, CHRISTMAS! The performance in on 17th and 18th December in dewan Sri Pinang. yupp, I'll date u readers for once le okay? Remember, I booked you already, make sure I see you there! I got so much to do during the holidays. Holidays doesn't seems like holidays to me anymore. I used to spend my holidays being a couch potatoes. and now? But I don't mind anyway. As long as i have something to do. I mean, something that I love to do.

Im planning to take part in my school's choral speaking. Psstt, I never took part in this ever, not once in my life. I wanted to, though, when I was in Standard 6, I think. I guess you know the answer, I didn't. And now, it's kinda open to the public, so why not? But the main reason was the co curricular marks. It would definitely helps a lot to get an A. I just got to sacrifice my holidays going to school for practice. Ish, and the script is super long. Trust me, you don't wanna see it.

Not much happening these few weeks. I'll see if I will have time to blog for the next time. and, youth camp is next week! 6 more days! smiles widely*

November 9, 2009

Leadership Camp

People!! I am back in Penang from my school's leadership camp in Kedah. First of all, miss me? This is just a short update. I'm not going into so much details. I'm just too lazy to upload the pictures I have. Next time, aite? Anyway, its camp place is called Pendang Lake Resort in Kedah. I thought it was Lendang or Rendang until someone corrected me. Where shall I start? I simply got too much to say until I lost my words. So I uploaded some photos I have for you readers to get a clearer pictture of it, okay?

The scenaries.

We're not sleeping in a room or suite. Worse still, it's a dorm!
*spot may*
Imagine the tiny little fan for such a big place.

And this is the toilet, of course. No privacy!
It's that I-see-you,you-see me type.
*certainly, I din't use that toilet. I went over to my teacher's room's toilet*

2010's club's committees.

The whole students and teachers that went. Try spotting me!

That's basically all. More pictures to come when I have it. I promise, this time I will upload it as soon as possible. Cross my heart? hahaha Despite the bruises I have on my leg due to that coconut, it was fun. All the games, obstacle race, including 6 meal a day thing, etc, I sort of miss it a lil. =/Till then! I'll try to introduce you to my new friend I met there in my next post.

November 4, 2009

Can't Get Away

People!! I know I have not been updating my blog frequently. At least I am here now. I sacrifice my time here okay? See see! hmph. I sound like I'm talking to myself. hello?, any readers? Never mind. I hereby declare, again, that I will be long gone from 6th November 2009 to 8th November 2009 for a leadership camp in Kedah. Trust me, it wouldn't be fun i think. Take my advice and sign up for Ignite Youth Camp better. Okay? Yea, its this Friday! I heard lots of not that good comments about it. Readers, do keep me in your prayer.

Anyway, i know it's kinda late, but I finally uploaded it! Remember i promised to upload my family dinner in E&O? Erm, actually there's 3 family dinner in E&O, but erm, you know, I'm lazy. Haha.

My cousins

I guess you readers might know her. Jolene.

If you do not know who's this, Im gonna smack you


Jolene and I

More pictures to come okie? Be patience with me. Wait until I get all the pictures with 2 other cameras. Until then.