July 30, 2009

I need...

Guess what? Exams are like 2 more weeks? And I haven't started anything yet. Been busy with the Spastic trip and all. Practising. *but now it's over!* Worrying over next year's committee member of my clubs and society. Ahh. I'm stressing out. I need stress-free-activities!! Yeah, that will do. I need.. Baskin Robin!! what about tomorrow? Anyone? LoL I need movies!! Yea, you got that right. movieS. Currently into The Proposal and Ghost of My Girlfriend's Past. how about this Sunday in Gurney? *Psstt... I need adults to bring me in! Cause it's 18PL one* I need potential people to cheer me up when I'm stressed out! I need... JESUS! that's right. Perfect plan! =) still, I need Baskin tomorrow and movies this Sunday too! Hehh

July 27, 2009


So, woke up early on Sunday for breakfast in McD with Ben, Chiaming, Edward and Melvin. Edward drove me there, anyway. And he is late! *sleep more le, haiyo* Then, went Hunza for 1st service. Service was awesome! Love Rev.Isaac so much! If he were my husband, I will for sure "melt" one. Why? Cause he plays guitar very well. And he sings too! See! Perfect husband. HaHa.

After service, took bus to QueensBay to support my school's YE, Young Enterprise. Honestly, I didn't buy anything! I wanted to buy MGS'S notebook one. Sadly, I'm broke! It's 6 bucks! Anyway, my main purpose is to watch Public Enemy with Ivan but the cinema in Queens very lousy one. No public enemy! Sob. Walked around, Talk around, Joke around, window shopping around until 4p.m. only. Got tired already. Called my mom and see if she could pick me up. Manatau, she said she is in Gurney. So, joined Chiaming and Ivan to take a bus to Gurney. One hour journey isn't nice at all! Lol. Played pool for a while then met up with my mom in Manila Place. Next stop would be home sweet home. Ah... That is basically what I did on Sunday.

Ouhh, our school organise a trip to Spastic. Sounds interesting? Yeah. Sadly, It's for two classes ONLY! Mine is one of them. So each class have to come up with a performance for them. Our class is performing a few songs. Songs are yet to be known, though. Will tell you when I have the song list, alright? Okay le. Going off soon. God bless you, readers! =)

July 22, 2009


I guess you know I went RedBox in Gurney last evening.
And it was awesome! I mean, not the song.
But what we did. lol. I think we spent most of our time there eating,
Screaming, laughing, snapping pictures and all.
We were shouting like no body's business! Cus no one can hear us outside mar.
=p Praise God, my uncle belanja us!
We met him there. And he was so kind enough to pay for us. WooHoo!
We were so crazy that we took loads of stupid pictures.
*Unfortunately, I ain't uploading it all up. Kind of lazy and sleepy*
Yeah, slept at 1a.m. last night. Still, praise God!
Why? Cause my uncle almost bang a car while we were on our way home.
And if he did hit the car, I think I'll get home later! lol
So here is the pictures..
*I think I need not introduce them to you, right? I think you know them already*

There is a lot more actually.
But I'm very sleepy now.
Next time then!

July 21, 2009

Thoughts Of Mine

Just something random about the title. HeHeHe. Anyway, I'm going to RedBox in Gurney later.
Wanna come along? lol Just wanted to celebrate my cousin brother's return. *I made it sounds like superman return only* Still, he is coming back just for two weeks for holidays only le. So time to go and play hard before my trials is coming. =) Okay, gotta go! I booked a room at 7pm one. So toodles?.. SMILE!

July 20, 2009

Requested Survey II

Based on the response, requests by readers,

*and of cause to keep my bloggie alive*

I'd decided to do another survey.

Erm.. yeah.. Any problem? lol

This time, all contestants are girls. Not guys anymore.

I shall get moving by introducing you to the first contestant.

Aite? So may I present you our first contestant,

No.1-Ang Hui May.

To May, "hah! I told you I dare. since you kind of requested for it too.
And thanks to your blog where I get your picture. Nyek nyek!"

Contestant No.2-Avril Lavigne

I know some of you might not like her or heard lots of comments about her,
still, I used to love her okay?

Contestant No.3-Miley Cyrus

And yes, she is hawt!

Contestant No.4-Taylor Swift

Just so you know, I started listening to her songs since it were out loong time ago. Not when her song's are the latest hits. And of cause I love her songs!! *screams*

Last and for all, Contestant No.5- Hayden Panettiere.

Erm I don't know what to say about her. Besides telling you that she acts in Heroes.
And a lot of movies also le.

So yeah. That's all le.
Basically, all of them are those that I used to like/ still liking or who I think is hawt.
Actually, there is a lot more that I wanted to post up.
But I Just cannot remember their names,
Sorry! lol
Next time then, okay?

July 16, 2009


Hey there! Guess what? I'm back to working out already. *cheers* Eihh what? It's hard to see me working out these few months. I used to jog for an hour everyday one okay? Note that I said everyday! lol Anyway, just some survey, which is better/cuter/hotter? *just something I wanted to ask you readers* Actually, it's just to keep my bloggie alive. Haha!

Contestant No.1-Kris Allen

Contestant No2.-David Archulate

Last and for all,
Contestant No.3- Taylor Lautner
*Just so you know, he has eight packs! Guys, there's no need to be jealous.*

Ouhh and before you answer, I do not accept answers like "I'm hotter" or what.

July 14, 2009

Time Flies...

Time really do flies huh? 4 years ago, I was just 13 (form1). I was very "innocent" that time. Seriously! I never get demerit marks before. *until now* Just merit marks. See! I told ya. I did finish my home works ON TIME and on my own too! I was shy too back then. Yeah, I did said shy. As in like sitting at a corner, pai seh kind of girl? In form 2, I was still, of cause, shy and kuai too. lol I'm serious. Those of you who was in the same class as I was, would probably knew. But when I was in form 3, ermm heh! Got a little bit changes le. Talk a bit already, go and mix around a little too, go nuts and fooling around in SSK with the bunch of kids, go dating? hahaha joking le. Indeed!, I had grown up a lot, according to my mum.

And now, Form 4, ermm I think I don't have to say also you all might know already le. Go and kacau my classmates like Adeline, Abel, and all le. Those sitting near me wan lo. I would say I don't usually finish my homework on time. If and only if Im in a "hardworking" mood, then I think I would probably finish up a little. If not, I'll just copy my friend's work. HaHaHa. Nottie me. Sooner or later, I'll be entering Form 5, sitting for my SPM, entering college life too! Fast huh? Anyway, for your information, today is the Parents and Teacher's Day. Mean? Report cards larh! Aiyoh, As usual, there will always be Hari Kerjaya at the end of the day where students will go up to the hall, getting information about colleges, and courses provided.. *Hari KERJAYA mer* Yes, I was one of them who went to the hall. Believe me, I kind of freak-ed out. Why? Hellooo!, Its college you are talking about. No more fooling around, Going somewhere far far away from home living with some body who you do not know! And knowing all the fees and scholarships, I was like "OMG!, can my parents afford? Do I have to find a part time job to support my studies? Am I qualified?" and so on.. All these are creepy!
But then, something in me was telling me "Don't worry about what you will be or how are you going to support yourself in the future. Just leave everything to God as He has a plan to prosper you and not to harm you and it is all under control" Oh, and the prize giving day is coming soon too! this Friday actually. HaHaHa. Sadly, my parents will not be coming anyway. lol. Yeah, Mum is in KL and dad is always busy with his work and all. Oh well, I guess it's just me, God, Pn.Hooi , and all my friends.

July 13, 2009

Saya brave!...

Heyy there! =)
Guess what? I took rapid on MY OWN yesterday to Gurney..
*cheers* lol Its a good thing okay?
I know ler you all took rapid don't know how many times ade mer.
But this is like my first time taking rapid on my own!
Cus usually I'll take rapid with some one's guidance/teman wan.
hehehe. See! Saya sangat berani. =p
And i waited for almost 2 hours some more. =(
I remember there was 3 ambulance that passed by.
Not even a taxi nor any bus. lol
Thank God I don't have to take bus back. hahaha
Okay le. Gotta go off now.
Very sleepy.. ZZzz I was sick this morning okay?
Had flu then headache then stomach ache pulak.. =(
Bye bye!

July 11, 2009

Im scared!

This will going to be my first time doing it.
And I'm so scared!! =(
Though I cant share it here with you,
Still, I'm just so desperate for a topic to blog about.
Im so afraid that I'll screw everything up.
Then it'll be in such chaotic situation.
God help me! =(
Guide me all the way untill it ends.
I know You know my desire.
And this is part of it.
So lead me!

July 7, 2009


Praise God!
I finally updated my link list (Other's Bloggie).
It's like ages since i really update it.
Why? Cause, everytime i link somebody,
I'll mostly forgotten to link the other one's.
Untill now! lol yeah, Now!
Almost a year already. HaHaHa
But now since my mom is not here to lecture,
I am so free to make sure I linked everybody!
Still, do tell me if I left you out. haha.
Nights! =)

Woody Moody?

My mom is going KL today. In such a short notice!
According to my mom, My grandpa is sick and is warded.
What sick? I don't know.
I got back school,
Heard her discussing with my dad on the phone.
Then after that,
"girl, I'm going KL later. You stay here okay?,
Take care of your lil sis and your grandpa(father side) here ok?"
Yeah, Out of a sudden?
I think I'm gonna miss her.
Though, she's only going for a few days.

July 6, 2009

Minutes meetings


I think I will be writing a report for you guys. HaHaHa. Before that, for you guys who ppk-ed me last Saturday, You owe me ice cream! =p And sad for you! You miss all the fun! Sigh. And yeah, Room 77 was awesome! My cousin and her friends said they want to come again this Saturday! This makes me very happy! Why? Cause I actually invited my cousin only one. Then she pulak invited her classmates, and her classmates pulak invited her church friends. See how it goes? Now I understand when they used to say 1 equals to thousands. (something like that larh) They ended up filling the whole row of seats. Happy me!


Woke up early for 1st service. Of cause not enough of sleep le due to Saturday's awesomeness=tiredness. Sort of went fishing during the sermons. HaHaHa. (Ssshhhh!, don't tell pastor okie? lol) Plus the flu i was having in the morning. Ka-Boom! Say Hi to dreamland! Everything was nice like P & W lead by Darren and the whole Ignite team le. Besides the special speaker *Ivan is his name i think, I went fishing mer*. I don't know why but I dont feel right about him in the first place. Yeah, Weird pastor. That's why le I cant concentrate. If one is interesting enough to catch my attention, I will surely listen attentively le! Anyway, went Gurney for movie marathon! HeHeHe. Double happiness! Watched Ice Age 3 and Transformers 2! Woo Hoo! Okay, few more movies to go! =) Trust me, As a movie specialist, I recommend you to watch it! Especially Ice Age 3. Super funny! But I didn't manage to watch the 3D version one. I might go and watch again i think. HaHa! Want to come? lol

Ice Age 3! The must watch movie!
Okay ler. That's all for now.
Stay tuned for more! =)
Rolie Polie Olie!

July 3, 2009

Room 77

Let everybody say Booh Yah!
Cause this is it! ROOM 77!
cheers!! =)
Eihh, You! yupp, You! *points*
Whoever you are, boy ke girl ke,
"tall" ke or extremely tall ke,
young or "old" ,
Studying ke or working ke,
(depends on what you consider yourself maybe)
As long as you are HUMAN,
YOU are invited to this drama/mini concert,
ROOM 77!
(Where?) Hunza Sanctuary
(When?) =.=" Tomorrow! *duh* 4th July 2009
(Time?) 7.30p.m. to ermm 9.30 p.m. maybe?
(What you need?) Yourself!
As in don't forget to bring yourself, your mind, your soul and all le.
Please do come okay?
I can guarantee you, it'll be AWESOME!
If not, I will personally,...
*maybe* belanja you ice cream okie? hahaha!
*or vice versa* As in, you belanja me!.
So please bring extra cash too! hehe
So make sure I see you there alright?
* Booh Yah!!* lol

July 1, 2009

Movie Marathon!

So who is up for movie marathon?
hands up please!.... hehehe
Anyday you want besides Saturday..
Movie list:
1.Transformers 2
2.Ice Age 3 (3D version)
3.Hannah Montana the movie
4.Drag me to hell (if possible)
And a lot more larh, But mostly not showing in the cinema already.
So i guess i just need to buy DVDs.
Still, anyone? hahaha.
But not this Sunday. I'm fully booked. hehe
Just leave a comment in my chatbox, text me or call me(if possible)
Aite? I'm gotta go off soon.
Need to really get my rest then off to prayer in Hunza.
BIGGY DAY is coming soon! I mean Room 77.
I think most of you might probably heard of it before.
But for those out there who has absolutely no idea about Room 77,
Just click on it -> Room 77 Just one simpleclick wont kill you