May 25, 2008

i'm proud actually really proud at s'pore u noe??they got lots of 'free internet acess, auto water cooler,their toilet are nice *well..basically its clean,not smelly,10X beta than ours in malaysia..* hehe..the goverment in penang gotta do something bout it noe??gtg de..plane is coming..bye guys..=}

May 24, 2008 i come.. goin to shanghai already..will buy lots n lots of gifts for u all..if i rmb u give me a call/sms so that i'll rmb u..=]got de la..moms calling..hehe..

May 23, 2008


im still waiting for the day im goin to shanghai..altough it's not sat yet,but already many ppl are asking me not to forget them n mus but lots n lots n lots of souvenir for them..>_<>
went to queensbay jus now n i bought/make/choose *wateva la* this handphone strap..=]

i mean the one on the right..not the one with a cross..for me its nice la..its depends on you..=) well have to go hunza de..hehe..n im already very late..lolx.. farewell my frens..XD

bored and regrats i skipped school..=) coz today my sch are celebrating teacher's day..n im not a teacher or wat so wat for i celebrate wit them?? so i skipped..hehe..n my mom wanted me to pack my bag already *so soon?* that's why she allowed me to do so..
actually,i regrat to skipped sch coz im bored here..i rather go to shc..can watch some performances sis wanna use the com i tink i have to say buh-bye to u all.. =)

May 21, 2008

i will be away for holidays..=] goin to shanghai this sat for a holidays n im coming back on 4th june..wheeeee=] though the day im goin haven't reach yet but im already exited..hehehe..the best thing is i get to go for a holidays lo but then i have to finish geo folio n sej folio in like am i suppose to finish 2 folio in 2days??u've got to be kidding me!!..haizz..wat to do??need to sacrifice my time to finish the folio lo..sobx..don worry i'll miss u guys n if i remember bout you,,i tink i'll buy somthing for u la..but i dare not promise you..coz dunno i got enough money or not..hehehe.. now mus pray hard that earthquake will not happen in shanghai la..if not ah...HALLELUYAH...lolx..
these are a few pics of shanghai i found in the net....

dunno nice or not but i'll tell u after i come back to penang..hehe..well..gtg de..need to finish my folio 1st okay??..then later o got tuition..=]

May 19, 2008

In A Sick Mood

well i think im having a fever now..sobx..feels like my head's 3kg that heavy..T.T n this remind me bout a song,'doctor jesus' *well..i tink thats the title of the song la*.. but i tink most of u guys might noe which song im referring to rite??..*singing* doctor doctor jesus, pls come quick...
hahaha..i forgot the lyrics de la..lolx..
neway..i jus came back from taska coz i have to go to the sonshine kids club teacher retreat..its kinda great oso larh..i had to admit that the 'karipap' they order for the tea break is awesome..its so nice until i ate 4 piece of it..hehe..then went to gurney yesterday n get to watch 'the chronicles of narnia,the prince of caspian'
the movie was nice n interesting..for u guys who has not watch the movie yet..u might wanna go n watch it..*warning:the duration of the movie is about 3 hours so be prepared*lolx
thats all for now okay??..wanna go get some rest de before u have to visit me in the hospital tomorro..* long guys..miss me yea..n don forget to keep me in ur prayer yea??..

May 17, 2008

back from studying

hey everybody..miss me?? so long din update de..lolx..anyways my mid year exam is over de.. yay!!...but then kinda sad oso..T_T.. coz the sej paper so hard wan..was wondering who set the paper..set till so hard the onli thing t can do is to pray hard n to have faith in god..=]

*lets just skip this part before i start to burst into tears* so..reach home at 1 pm.. bath, change, n eat my lunch then went to gurney.. i tot it' ll filled with students coz exam over de ma..mana cai gurney nobody wan..hahaha..get to watch 'wat happen in vegas' ..kinda nice oso la..
its about romance,marriage n somthin bout jackpot wan..want to noe more??then go watch la..then u'll noe..if i tell u ma not nice to watch de ma rite??..=} At nite,, have to go to hunza for ssk..tomorro they're having a puppet skit..kinda interesting oso la..hehe..
so that's all for today/tonite..sleepy de..this morning i 4.45 wake up de noe..jus to study the stupid sej lo..i very kuai de wan..XD..
=_= nitez guys..keep me in ur prayer too yea..haha..

May 8, 2008


hello..just so u know..i wont be updating my blog this week..hehe..why??
this pics will tell u everything.....

for wat??

yupp..i got exam tomorro..n yet im still here blogging..hahaha..

but i study finish de..i very kuai de not like this cat down here...lolx..

wanna noe wat i have studied??
i learned how to solve this....

hahaha..hmm..gtg de..need to continue studying..bye bye..