August 21, 2008


i don't know what to say a bout this..lolx.. spot an eye??..
gotcha!! this is me n my cousin,jolene


actually,mel n shia wen were planning to celebrate my fren,may's b'day at midlands one..unfortunately,her dad don't allow her to she can't make it..=(
me,mel,wen,adrian,chia ming n edward went bowling loh..all of us did very well..practices makes perfect rite?..n do not judge,or u will be don say other ppl can't bowl or something la okie??..mel,ming,wen n edward played their own game coz they reach there berore me n adrian..

this is me n adrian's result

see the 'S' column,i got 3 strike(spot the 'X'?)..whee XD

then,we went to gurney..while waiting for the rest,me n adrian went to the arcade..honestly,im bad in driving so,we only play guns..hehehe..we went to a lot of places la..then at around 7p.m. only we went home..haha..overall,it was nice..get to go out during the holidays..relax for 1-day before the exam..

and now,i'm thinking to go or not to got to the connection point..coz pcc's having a concert tonight..both is about God..n both is nice..sometimes it's hard to make decision..i always ask God before making a decision..hopefully he'll tell me what to do,which is better for me or know..stuffs like that la..

August 18, 2008


i ponteng school!!whee...i got diarrhea la..went to the toilet don noe how many times de.. haizz..
but im beta de la..was praying to be healed since the fever i got on the 1st day of exam..of coz,i din do really well for the geo fever..din even syudy at all..haizz..

well..sat was kinda fun..ssk got the special programme..ok oso ler..but for ignite..there's onli 1 word to describe it..WOW!!..wanted to jump n sing wit my frens wan..sadly,im ushering..
but but but...during the 2nd round,the CU,adrian let us go..wah..i can see mel's excitement in her face when she heard adrian's you know ler..wat i was doin..jump n sing plus screaming lo..honestly,this was the best I.G.nite..praise the lord!!

i went to bowl with adrian,vivi,jarold,kon way, ivan(n a lot more la) at Midlands..=] this was my 1st time u know..(wat's wrong trying something new,rite?) n my 1st stirke too.. hehehe..actually,i was kinda bad at the 1st time.. keep masuk longkang wan.. but it was fun la.. if u're goin, tell me..okie??..i din take any pics ytd..ask melvin if u wanna look at it..

the taiping trip's today..i din go lar..i wanted to go but it's too late..sadly,they are stuck at a carnival mall or something..morning raining wat?!!..

August 11, 2008


that's not all of the pics..dunno y cant upload the rest of the pics de ler..wanna let u all see the pics i took wan..haiz,,nvm..i still got tomorrow n tomorrow n tomorrow n tomorrow n........
exam are on this gotta go study de lar..will upload during the holiday..or maybe this thursday..

uploaded pictures..

yesterday,i went to the pc fair after the service ler..thank god i don't have to walk there with my sis..god has provided me a transport..=]yea,i followed gary(geh)..i din noe he can drive ler..haha..
but sadly,he can't drive too fast..cuz he's mum was right beside him..even wen he drive at40-50km/h..he's mum will start nagging.."gary,pls drive slower or i'll take over it"..lolx..anyway,i'd bought a new card reader..whee....i don have the adapter for my micro-sd card ler..but now....(here are all the pics) err..i dunno wat's this ler..but it looks weird.. my sis cutting her b'day cake..(o8/o8/o8) her b'day cake.. this is my cousins..they looks alike huh??..

names:hayden(left) and darren leong(right)

August 5, 2008


not me new sej sir..he's leaving our whole 3M's bought him a pen(some sort of parker ler) n a card..and he cried!!..lolx..he denied it but it's so obvious..his eyes was red n watery ler..hahaha..seriously,he's a good teacher..i dont mean i like him or somthing but he is nice!!..not to mention,he studied law in london i guy huh?? so imagine a lawyer teaching in a class with 40 gals staring at you..yea,he was nervous on the 1st day(he denied it too)..lolx..he speaks hokkien too!!(he's a malay)i din noe that untill i said "sir.ur math very cha la"(out loud)and he turn back,staring at me..i was like 'oops'?..

by the way..exam is next week..but im not worried!! hallelujah..and i haven't started studying yet..haha!!.. but i will..soon..which means i'll study on the day before exam..hehehe..