April 28, 2008


today is my big bro,adrian's birthday..
just wanted to wish him happy birthday!!... n may god bless you..

happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to adrian.......
happy birthday to you...

*applaus*..lolx..n i'll keep u in my prayer tonite..hoping that one day ur dad will let u drive..
*so u can be my driver*haha..jk jk..


yesterday was my b'day..*for those who dont noe yet wan faster wish me before i belasah u!!..haha..no la no la..jk nia..*..hahaha..so..u noe la..sure go out wan ma rite?!..hehehe..
2p.m.-went gurney to buy somthing for my bro coz he's b'day is coming*which is today*
4p.m.-rushed to youth park to meet wit melvin they all..
6p.m.-at the canteen resting..*was so tired after hiking..my legs was shaking,hearts was pumping so fast n sweats are flowing down non-stop too..haha..

i reach home at round 7 p.m...i forgot de la..lol.. reach home,went inside, surprised.. coz the table was full wit foods..*kfc, pizzas, punch n so on..* jus finish exercising nia..eat de.. sure gain weight wan..haha..

just wanna make it short,,..
i want to thank God that ntg bad happen n for all the blessings..and i really appreciate it a lot.. just so u noe..God wiil not give u everything that u have asked for..coz..He will only give u what is best for u only..soo guys..never blame Him for anything or think that he did not hear ur prayer..coz he did!..

April 27, 2008

coz i have a bad day..

after i reach home from hunza at around 11.30,,

lil sis:u hungry ar??wanna order mcd?
me:*kinda hungry too* ermm..okay lo..

so.. i called them n ordered 1 medium iced milo,4-piece of chicken mcnuggets
1 set of medium mcvalue meal-chicken mcnuggets..
then, me n my lil sis went to the living room,watching tv while waiting for the
*mcd man*...
5-10 minutes later.............................
poof!!!...the air-cond was off,,the tv went off too..next??
the lights went off too??!!!!....

lil sis:ohh noo!!..no electricty dee..*frighten*

u noe wat it means?????.......
do u have any idea how scary it was??..
we went to my room n find a torchlight..
thank god i found mine while my sis was having trouble finding
hers..*so sad*...
then..*peet peet* the 'mcd man' is here..

lil sis:bad timing!!..

i opened the door,,went out to get my mcd's from the man..
then i went inside the house..put down the foods on the rounded table..
the next thing that came across my mind was..
how are we goin to eat this foods if there is no light!!..
so i asked my lil sis...

lil sis:y dont we use the candles??
me:can oso ho?!..*y din i think of that..lol..*

so we went up to the store room to grab a few of the candles n the lighter too..
went down the living room,,n lighted the candles...

me:hey..it looks like we're having candle-light dinner together ho?!..
lil sis:yea ho..too bad ur not a guy..haha..

30 minutes later.............
me n my lil sis finish eating our yummylicious supper..
then..my sis said she was kinda sleepy de..
so we went up,,n i went in to my room..
goin to close the door de but then my sis was waiting outside her room
*like i forgot to say goodnite to her*..hahaha...
then i jus remembered that she was afraid of dark..
haizz..so big dee somor so scared..lolx...so i said she can sleep here in my
room tonite but just for tonite ok?!..lolx..*a big smile appear on her face*
i think she fell asleep as soon as she lied down on the bed..haha..
then..i noticed that the fan start spinning again..
me:hey..the electricity is back again..yay!!..*i forgotten that she was fast asleep*

that drama ended at around 2 a.m. this morning..hahaha..
wat a bad day..lolx..*actually not that bad la hor??=)

April 21, 2008


hey..im here blogging again..don worry..
i'll study after posting this blog..haha..
today got injections during school time..*scream...
scared lo..haizz but its over de..haha..

wen our teacher*pn.rajes came in..

pn.rajes:3 MERAH!!..lepas in ada suntikan..sekarang 3 kuning lepas ini class u...
ppl in 3 merah:*mouth opened,,*panic,,*raised eyebrow,,*scream....

then she went out..lol...after science..
we went up to class..then went down to bilik masakan
*as the nightmare was in bilik masakan*.....
oh yea..before i went down..i saw mich..*she kena injection de wan*
so i asked her..

me:hey..u kena de ar??
me:pain ar??
mich:nope..not at all..*as she show me her arm..wow..still can see
the tiny little dot there..lol..

all of the 3 merah's gals went down in alphabetical order..
went in the room..was split into 2 lines..
*i was the 1st in the 2nd lines..then the nurse asked me a few silly questions..
i answered..n..

nurse:can go n get ur injections de..
me:*raised eyebrow..*heart starts to beat even faster..

then..*i was the 3rd gal geting the injection..lol..
i din noe i was i'm gonna get injection that soon coz
we lined up in alphatical order ma..*
i sat on the chair*goin to scream de..but i din't..lol..*
when she put in the needle into my flesh *cant feel anything la..
but when she injects the medicine/liquid/solution
a.k.a. Anti tentanus toxoid,,that really hurts..*ouch..
finally..the nightmare has over!! yay!!..
at least nobody cried or scream like h***...

*was goin to kill mich for lying to me de wan..
but i tink tink tink..
haiya no need de la..later kena from other pulak*..lolx..
now its ald 6 hours since the injection but dunno y my arm
still got a bit numb..sobx..

April 20, 2008


here i am..blogging!..
hahax..i noe i should be studying..but..u noe..
im lazy!!..
the last time i study,.. *on friday*
i feel asleep after reading the 2nd chapter..
lolx..gai lo.....*i can
even fall asllep with a book infront of me..
so guys..if u cant sleep at night....
u might wanna try this method*
hahaha..exam's coming but still im sitting
on my office chair blogging..
haizzz..how i wish i could pass my exams without studying..

gotta go de..mus finish my folio first onli can go online..haizz..
hopefully i won't fall asllep while doin my folio..
hahaha..bye everybody!!..

April 17, 2008


goodness!!.. my mid-term exam is on the way de..*ooh no!!..
2o more days n i still haven touch a book*panic
got chapS to study..revisionS to do..
somor im really teruk in geo..scared i'll fail larhh..
haiz..gai lo..

by the way??..
*have u ever wonder "y am i studying so hard"??
ans:-coz i dowana pia sai when i grow up *thats is wat my teacher always ask us..lol..
-coz ur mom ask u to do so?
-just for fun??
-i have no idea..
hmm..mus think of it de..haha..

April 16, 2008


hooray!!.. my oral has finally over!!..
muahahaha...so happy nia..lol...

*flash back..
wen my name was called*panic*,....
i stand up n walk to the front of the class...

teacher:boleh mula sekarang..
me:*heart beats faster*

(for ur info,..my title was 'tabiat buruk perokok'..)
*after my bla bla bla..

teacher:berikan 2 langkah untuk mengurangkan kadar perokok..
me:err.. *gulp (not goin to tell u wat i answered..keke..)
teacher: *noded her head..(means okay n u may sit down)
me: *relief..

and that is how my oral ended(borong hor??lol..)
just so u noe,. i got full marks for the oral test *giggle

By the way.....................................
jus wanna wish someone happy birhday..
*i think u noe who is the someone rite??lol..


happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to yyyyooooouuuuu..........
happy birthday to you!!!...*clap hands...

a blessed birthday to you
god bless..

April 15, 2008

borong nia..

juz posting this blog for fun nia wan..lol..
ntg to do ma..kekeke..
feel like blogging..but got ntg to say..*swt!!..
so boring man..
exam is on the way de lo*omg
somor i haven study yet..arhhhhh.....
was hoping god will let me pass my exam without studying..
lol..but i noe ti will neva happen..*sobx
need som1 to help me wit my geo laa..
wanna help me??kekeke.. *warning:u might vomit blood

hey..gotta go de..got tuition later..haha..

April 12, 2008

the pics that we took..

can..haha.sorry guys..jus now got error..now onli .
this is me n edward..
(it was adrian's idea lai..)
n this is me n adrian..

me..haha..(was forced to wear my glasses..)lolx..

this is me n edward..

a trip to tropical spice garden

what a nice day..haha..
today,..da ignite members n i went for a trip to da tropical spice garden..
we went there by bus(which is extremely slow!!..)haiz..
i think it took us about half an hour to reach there..lolx..
so..da tour guide explain everything to us..
(now..i know that there is a spice called cat's whiskers which is for weight loss..
hahaha..so can eat wateva i want de..lolx)
anyway..jus wanna make it short....................
so..(the nicest part is the treasure hunt..haha..)
coz..all of us run like a mad dog nia..haha..
we were split into 6 groups..oh yea..n aonther reason i like the tresure hunt is
bcoz.....my group won the treasure hunt..kekeke..n guess wat our prize..
its.................................student's brain drinks........................lolx
funny name ho??
actually me , ed and adrian wanna take pics wan..
manacai no time de..so we took the pics in hunza..lolx..
(so sorry..cant add the image in the post due to an intrenal error..)lolx..
paiseh nia..

my first time!!..

well..this is kinda 'my first time' posting a blog..
din noe that this blogger stuff exist...lol..
don be shock if you see this profile 'empty'..
(coz im a new user ma..)hahahahaha...
oh ya..i wanna thank someone for helping me to do all the layouts n stuff..
thank you!!..