July 30, 2008

<3 LOVE <3

jus crapping..but anyway..
satan always wanted to..
-destroy you
-kill you
-put you in hell!!
-trap you??

-god loves you
-jesus loves you too

-god sends his son,jesus to die on the cross for us

-we're saved
-we got a way to be with HIM again

T&C apply

yea im definitely crapping..lolx

July 28, 2008


err..im changing my link from www.3lov3r.blogspot.com to www.shir-fire4him.blogspot.com .... hoay=api(in hokkein) rite?haha..yea i noe i din inform you earlier but i got no time de ler..

so,,the revolution concert i told u earlier,rmb??,, yea that..it was amazing know?? for those of you who din't went for the concert, haiz... well,i've captured a few pics of it.. but too bad i cant upload the pics.. but if u wanna see the pics,you may visit melvin's or chia ming's blog..okie??..

to be continue........................................................................................................................................

July 23, 2008

revolution tour..

so who's goin to the concert?? hands up...*as if i can see ur hand ler*...actually im 100% sure im goin wan..manatau..our head prefect,nadirah announced yesterday that dis sat will be a cuti-ganti for hari raya..*everybody stop walking,korek their ears as if they heard wrongly, n totally speechless...*i mean y din't they told us earlier huh?!!..all of us already have our own plans,of course la.. like my sis who're goin for a picnic dis sat..haiz.. so now im deciding to go to the concert or not..cause its like untill 11pm wor n the next day i have to wake up early?!!..

and today,they announced that the pmr trials will be postponed to 13th,14th august and to be continue after the holiday..guess what?? i heard a loud 'what the ****" the moment they announced it..hahaha..so bad news for all the form 3's in my school lo hor?? so no more holiday la unless u wanna hold a book all the time when holiday-ing..lolx..oh yea..for those of you who're planning to watch the dark knight,,please don't watch it cause its demonic,i guess..i mean it look like a demon la but i don't know..

* the dark knight*

nah,,i'm not going to post the bad guy's pic la..i seriously don't want to scare you..and don't think of searching the pics in the net..hmph!!
oh no...its already 3pm, and i have to follow my mom out and i haven't bath yet..*phew..smelly lo* so i guess i'll jus blog next time..see ya at pcc k??=]

July 16, 2008

i'm back [part 2]

no no no..this time the internet got prob not my com..my com's still working..haiz..without com,i dunno how to kill time de..beside bible-ing n watching tv..T_T..n its 22 more days before olympics/pmr trial..i wonder y both falls on the same day..it means i cant watch olympics if im gonna sit fot my trial rite??haiz...

study??no, im not.. but ytd i did =] unfortunately,i fell asleep after studying for 1 hour..lol..
its already 3.3opm n i have to fetch my cousin at 4.30pm from her some running competition ler..then.i have to rush back to greenlane..wow..life is that sien huh?? but but but.......
life isn't boring at all if JESUS is in ur life..agree?? well,, if u don bliv me, go ahead n try it.. okay??..xD

okay ler..i shall stop craping now..so tada... hope to see u guys this sat at 286,macalister road yea?? dom miss it k??hehe..