October 25, 2008

Not anymore

Lots of people say im nuts when i told them im gonna buy form 4 books to study..only 1 person say that "thats great!"..And that person is aunty siow yen(timothy's mom??).. Hmm maybe most of you don't know her.. But believe me she's a gerat person.. I keep asking myself how she can handle all that( her family, as a headmistress of Taska JG & CG , and SSK).. She's just amazing!!Praise the Lord i get to know someone like her.. =}
Anyways, i think im going to take Your advice that's to relax during the holiday.. When the school starts only i'll start to 'pia' la..lolxx..And maybe you're right!..i should just rest and leave everything to God..As i'd said "God has a great plan for you"..

Are you an anti-balloon?.. yes,i am(i mean i was).. Seriously, i was afraid of balloon when i was small and untill last friday, im not!!..hooray!!.. there's a program held by SSK, ballooning..cuz the Queensbay mall ppl ask us,SSK to preform as a clown there in the month of Dec and i heard that they're asking you,Ignite to preform there too..Uncle William will be in charge of it, i think..
don't want to get chosen?? Start praying then..hahaha...that's all for today ya..Stay Tuned.

October 23, 2008

still thinking..

science stream or art stream??
sceince stream or art stream??
science or art??
science or art??
science stream or art stream??

art stream or science stream??which is better, less stress or maybe easier??.. most of my friends are taking arts but they say science is better..*they always make me blur*..=.= i have been thinking about this almost all day..i like but not love science and i hate accounts..im bad in accounts one ler.. ask gabriel if u dont beleive me..so arts or science?? anyone??

i think i know what's my pmr results ade..no straight A's.. i wanted to scream or cry but i could'nt.. i mean its like there something in your heart..like very geram but you just cant!!..feeling frustrated??don't ask me why..maybe God doesnt want me to be upset.=).but now im alright.. Praise the Lord..i believe God has a great plan for me.. and of course for you too.. so dont worry..smile.

btw,my room is currently under construction. there will be a balcony for me =) its gonna get ugly before it gets nice (sounds familliar?) but sadly, i am goin crazy..=.= all i can hear is noise(you know la. the construction noise) no more birds singing in the morning(like in the movie Shrek), no more laughter , no more....err....no more sounds that i would love to hear when i woke up..i cant stay at home much longer..or i will be goin nuts!..gosh!! i need....silence!!...am i going nuts??

October 8, 2008

Think Tank Time

hmm..somehow,this title sounds a lil familiar..^^how come im not in school??..okay okay,i'll tell you..firstly,im sick!.. i wonder why im always sick just before exams..allergic?? lol.. secondly, i can use my time studying instead of being in school chit-chattin.. my class is full of people relaxing..it seems like 1 month before PMR , not 4 days before PMR..so it won't be stressful.. unlike the 1st class.. you can see books everywhere just like being in a library..

i've been thinking bout these questions lately,
1)science stream or art stream?
2)wanna take up bible knowledge??
3)get a job after Pmr?
4)what if i dont get a good result in my Pmr?

Pmr is not over yet, still i've started to think about these.. Lol.. i feel like taking bible knowledge but they say its really hard to score.. getting a job at popular,gurney? the interview will be on this fri.. should i go?? since i got ntg bettter to do after my Pmr.. why don't i earn some money coz im afraid that my parents couldnt afford me to college or even university.. the pay is quite 'lumayan' you know.. RM60 per day(you dont even use 60 in a day).. 1month pay=60 x 30 days equals to RM1800..thats something.. and its only part time.. its just that im afraid they wont hire me coz im onli 15 years old thiugh its legal.. T.T

October 3, 2008


JoJo doesn't represent Joe Jonas or Jonas Brother
It represent Jolene.=)haha.
yupp,she is my cousin.
n together we will be facing PMR.sigh.
she's studying,i pun studying.
both of us are going nuts.
well,we're kinda close(i guess).
btw,today is her b'day.
i think you had seen her before.
i've posted bout her lods of times d..
nvm ler,i shall post one of her pic to you again.

she might be smiling but she is mean!!..i tink you noe wat i meant by looking at her pic..lets hope that she wont be reading this. or,she kill me straight away!!..R.I.P.

10 more days to PMR,15 more days to freedom!.muahaha..Ppl in form4 n above used to say that pmr is just like a piece of cake.for example,"haiya,PMR sap sap water onli ler" or "i wish to sit for PMR than SPM"..but all the PMR candidates always say "gosh!PMR is coming..quick,lets study"or "i wanna die d la"..sigh.

i rmb 1 of my friend said to me that exams are one of satan's 'taktik' to pull us away from God. study study n studyuntill we have forgotten bout reading the bible,pray n so on..so are you one of the victims??honestly,i was. what about you? ask urself!