June 30, 2008

im back!

I'm Back!!..
yea..im back..means *aku sudah balik*if im not mistaken la..
im onli back for 1 hour++ nia la..im using my cousin's com..
my com down la..
the internet line got prob de wan..
1)why??i oso dunno
2)have you call the internet man??i did.
but.. internet man : ........i'll call u 5 mins later,ok?......
5 mins later...i hour later..1 day later..i week later....
err..is it ok if i dakwa him??lol..
haizz..formula??no com+no musics=bored.
oh yea..my oral habis de..good or bad??i dunno..ask the teacher la..
but wateva i get..praise HIM in everything..=]

June 16, 2008

what i call tired-able day

as u guys might noe i went to the ignite's amazing g-race[season 2] on saturday.. it was really amazing n fun..its kinda nice la..got more experienced coz it was my 1st time in a rapid.. *seriously..my parents wont allow me to use the public bus wan* lol
anyway..we begin our 'journey' at youth park..our 1st task is to take 5pics of 5 diff venue including the christian graveyard..err pics are with our group leader so i'll post it up wen i have it la..

our nex stop is the promise land/MMC..none of us noe where or wat is promise land..so we had no choice but to trade in our eggs(i mean chic eggs which is our points la) for the clues..we had to take 2 bus(RM2.5O) to reach MMC ..n guess what our group was the first to reach there u noe..even the committe oso haven reach yet..haha..n nex we have to go to the macalum street.. we asked the 'penduduk' n they say its at '5th tiau lor'..so we walk there coz its kinda near nia ma..manatau wen we reach there they say the famous mee-goreng stall is at '7th tiau lor'..haizz.. no chioce lo, n we continued walking..

finally..we reach at the lebuh cecil/maculum street..n our task is to wash the dishes..lol.. had my lunch there..n continued our 'journey' to hunza..the final venue..*yay* but the worst part is we actually have to drinf 4-liters of water..*arghh*..luckily matthew n joe was in our group coz they drank the most..haha..n the best part was the egg-catching =]

well i tink thats all la..its best if u 'experienced' it urself..u won feel the fun by jus reading..get it??
lol..basically our group won..from the last ->first..*praise the lord*..but wats the point winning.. jus have fun n built our relationship wit god stronger..yea??
gtg now.need to continue my oral[part 2]..lol..n its tomorrow..*panic*

June 13, 2008



baby in the house,babehss=]

actaully i got ntg to do..so i've decided to post bout my baby since 'worm' blog bout hers..
though i did not gave birth to her but she still mine!!*evil smile* well..she's my cousin sis n my mom babysits her..pics of her are down here..i mean jus scroll down..lolx

oopss..can upload 1 pic nia..com down de so don blame me..=] will upload more wen i can..


attention everybody..
this post is for mich n ben who
might not understand god's word..
according to the bible(god's word)
john 15:17-THIS IS MY COMMAND.
mich,do u noe wat dat means??
it means love everybody!!n no quarrel!!
somor say wanna follow god's word..
n wat is dis huh??!!hmmphh..
the same goes to u,ben!!
pls respect!!


June 12, 2008

com down T.T

arghhh!!!..hellpppp!!!..my com got prob de la..i dunno y suddenly cant go on9 wan..i noe im 0n9-ing rite now but its like i have to connect to each n every webpage wan wor..last time no need wan..*blur* n i need to dial-up to connect but i don even rmb the password.. n i lost the ppr the stremyx man gave me wen he came to fix the internet stuff..lolx..*don laugh coz ussually it'll connect automatically wan ma so don blame me..* how ah??anyone here noe bout coms??if u do..can help me?? pls???.. i seriously don wan to waste my money fixing the com larh..*sniff sniff* FOC service?? lolx..
oh yea..im feeling much much better now..don worry bout me n thanx for caring..really apreciate it a lot..=]

June 9, 2008

out of ideas

i have no idea wat to do rite now..
heard somthing that makes me sad
n i jus feel like crying rite now!!!
my mind is full with question marks
n its totally blank!!
god help me!!.pls??

forgive & forget

forgive and forget..i noe its hard to forgive n forget esspecially if he/she had hurt u..but wat if u're the person that hurt him/her??.. wat will he/she feel??.. sad?? he'll/she'll cry?? i don noe!!
well if u have been through in this situation before, then i tink u'll noe how hard it is.. rite??
but what can i do??.. don talk to him/her in my whole life??.. kill him/her??..*lolx..jk jk..i'll never do dat..its sin =]* what choice do i have beside forgiving n forgetting?? any ideas??anyone??
so now im trying really really hard to forgive him/her n to forget wat he/she had done..=]
and if i have hurt u,,im really sorry..please forgive me??
forgive n forget..like what jesus christ have forgive us as he died on the cross n forget what we've done that really hurt him..thats y he still love us A LOT!!..n i love him too more than anthing on this earth..more than my own life!!..
jesus christ..the Messiah, Lord of Lord n our great God..

June 8, 2008

<3 movies<3

basically everyone watch movies..its impossible for human to hate tv rite??its like most of our way to kill time wen we're bored or wateva..i mean besides sleeping, reading or sms-ing la =]
as u all noe that kung fu panda has jus been released on 6th june..so decided to watch it on fri lo..hehe honestly, the movie was nice n funny n very kung fu-ish lolx..im not goin to tell u bout the movie coz if i did den u won get it nice to watch de ma rite??..so go watch the movie urself n u'll noe it..haha
then at the same day..i watch superhero movie too..=] its jus like spiderman nia la.. but den they use dragonfly instead of using spider..its a movie mix together wit fantastic4,x-men n many more la..

then on sunday,,went to watch the indiana jones..actually i was planning to go to my fren's house to discuss bout our eng drama but ytd nite they said it was cancalled..make me wake up so early for the 10am service nia..haizz..so after the service,,went to gurney..din eat my lunch coz i was still full with the mc chicken i ate on my way to macalister road..who noes at 2pm*in the cinema* my fren called asking me why im not there yet..my mind was like full with question marks *???* "i tot the meeting was cancelled wat??not meh" i answered.."no la!where got??" my fren said..i was watching the movie halfway de..kacau ppl nia wan..without a choice,i went to her house n went back home at 3.45 as i had promised my mom..

quickly finish my sej n geo folio..n thank god the binding shop is sitll open..if not ah..i'll be like so panic looking for other shop..lolx..so its how my today was..=]

June 5, 2008

back from shanghai

eellooo...im back from my holiday..wheeeee=]now im missing shanghai de..sobx..
well..shanghai is a nice place esspecially for those who love shopping..warning:its kinda expensive la..even a t-shirt oso cost like RMB100-300 de..sobx..alamak..i dunno y cant upload the pics wor..very sorry..i tot wanna let yall see the yummylicious food wan..lolx..nex time la k?? if can i upload again..=] tata.. have to go unpack my bag de..hehe..