February 28, 2009

So much for an "Awesome day"

Guess what?
2 cars that my mom drove eventually broke down!!
Let's rewind up the time a lil, shall we?
My elder sis drove my mom's car to her friend house.
So my mom drove the manual car lo.
My mom's suppose to fetch my aunt and her daughter to a clinic then drop me to tuition.
That went well until the manual car "broke down".
*Actually it din't!
My mom is so used to drive auto cars that she forgot how to drive a manual one.*
She called a mechanic to fix it.
And the man said that thr's absolutely ntg wrong with the car!
If you are a driver yourself then you should know lah.
So you know my mom wanted to take me to Gurney for dinner.
Do you? hahah
*My sis haven't came home with the car,
so my mom drove my grandpa's car*
After shopping and eating, everyone was tired.
decided to go home loh.
Went down to the basement whr my mom parked her car,
realised that she din't turn off the light.
Pemandu sekalian, You know lah. No battery!
Called all the mechanics she knew, sadly,
nobody wanted to come over as it was already very late.
macam mana? went home loh.
fix the car tomorro morning lo.(which means today)
So much for another "Awesome Day".
Im not here to complain or release my anger lah.
im just thankful. =)
like what all the pastors have been saying,
*including our Rev. Dc. Low Chia Ming in his recent post*
It all happens for a reason.
Maybe, if the car works, i might get into an accident?
or something even horrifying..

February 27, 2009

Praise the Lord!
I understand chemistry!!
i was very blur as in very very very blur in Chemistry one.
esp, the formulea part. hahah
But after the tuition i went just now, its way clearer.
hip hip hip hoo-ray!! *cheers* and of course thank God.
I've been praying to god that He'll show me the way,
change me, stop all the bad habits,
*like lazying around and... you noe.. you are/was a student*
ask God to give me the knowledge, help me to understand,
practise practise practise and practise..
And it works!! PRAYER WORKS LAH OK?
Aiyah.. was planning to practise add maths one.
But my mom wants to take me to gurney for dinner.
lol.. oh well, i can still bring my books thr mer..
Off i go!! =)
*wish myself Happy Studying!* lol
Oh yea, off i go wearing my specs! @.@

February 26, 2009

I cant focus!! especially with the fever..
I'd thought of skipping school n study at home.
but i've been sleeping instead.
Somehow, i felt like sleeping all the time.
Thk God la, i revised my Bio with my cousin just now.
at least! lol
Just came back from Popular. bought the thick revision book for Chem n History.
Oh oh oh, And also practical book for Add.Math.
I'm so gonna fail my Add.Math if i dont practise more.
*off to study history now*
Buh-bye *waves* n GBU!

February 25, 2009

Telah Dimarahi! =(

I was actually scolded by the doctor in 1 of the clinic just now.
most of the time, i'll go to the clinic in Hunza one but its closed.
so my mom took me to a clinic somewhere in Penang Free School.
im sick already somor scold me..
wat ler..
Doc: so? what happen to you?
me: im having a headache *points at the part whr there's pain*
Doc: Do you wear specs?
me: yea?
Doc: and how come i dont see you wearing it now?
me: cuz the specs man told me i can only wear it when i need it.
Doc: NO!! next time, dont go to that shop anymore. you know what's a good advice?
you should wear it all the time. Dont tell me you dont see something at a distant?
me: err.. *speechless*
Doc: nevermind, let me check whether are you having a fever or not.
*he checked twice!*
Doc: eh. your having a fever la.
me: ohh really? * act, i do noe im having a fever. i mean isn't it he's job to find out?*
Doc: Next time, tell me earlier. Cause nobody know's u better than you do.
Me: *giggle* Okay.. I will.
I'm actually shoot-ed by him twice!

Saya Ada Demam =(

And yes, im sick.
finally?.. lol.
*back to bm-ing*
kerana kali terakhir saya sakit adalah pada may 2008. saya fikir.
serius lah.
Aiya, batuk,selesema, itu cerita lain lah.
terasa macam berat kepala saya tiba tiba meningkat ke 10kg.
Saya akan ponteng sekolah esok. oO
*jika bapa saya membenarkan lah*
Boleh ambil kesempatan untuk mengulangkaji pelajaran untuk peperiksaan saya mer.
tetapi esok ada chemistry dan matematik tambahan lah.
Mata pelajaran itu tidak boleh ponteng lah.
macam mana ini?
patutkah saya ponteng ke tidak?

February 24, 2009

Saje.(Random post)

Saya tidak akan blog sehingga peperiksaan saya sudah habis.
*sudah lupa apakah perkataan 'ends' dalam B.M.*
Tadi saya ingin pergi ke Japanese Garden, tetapi tidak ada orang ingin ikut sayalah.
Anda sedang fikir mengapakah saya mengguna B.M. kan?
Sangat sedih lah.
Kemarin Guru B.M. saya kata saya mesti tingkatkan usaha saya dalam penguasaan bahasa saya. Oleh itu. saya mesti mula cakap dalam B.M.
dengan banyak untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan saya dalam B.M.
Okey, saya harus menghabiskan kerja rumah saya sekarang.
Jika tidak, siaplah saya. Ada banyak kerja rumah hari ini tahu atau tidak?

February 23, 2009

Too much of Laziness

I find Form 4 life,
very hard to live in,
loaded with homeworks,
tons of work,( president-ing, recycling manager)
or maybe its just because of my laziness lah..
everything last minutes one.
have to finish my homework
until i got no time to study for my exams!, *6 more days*
And even reading my bible! *sorry, God*
No time for sleeping too. T.T
I learnt my lessons. =(
Must be a hardworking girl!
keep me in your prayer, okie?
Ask God to help me to be a hardworking girl.
No more lazying around.
No more beauty sleep in the afternoon.
No more Tv's.
No more shopping.

February 20, 2009

Saje post.

After a 3hours sort of tuition in Mcd,
I'm quite tired ade ler.
Just gonna make this post short,
I saw this nice T-Shirt in FOS,Gurney about few weeks ago.
I wnated to buy it but.. I scared lah..
Its not that i can't afford to buy it or what la..
You'll see. *esp if you're taken*

Do you get it now?
Just incase, its printed "ditch her, pick me"
If i wear this shirt out,
Every girlfriends in this world will stare at me,
With their eyes saying "Get lost" or something lah.

February 19, 2009

What I need?

I need to sleep.

I need to start studying.

I need to cut down the time to go online. *as you can see right now*

I need to pass each and every subjects.

I need to release stress!

I need to finish all my homeworks.

I need to but chemistry n history reference book.

I need help in Biology, Chemistry, Add. Maths and History.

I need to stop complaining!

I need to stop lazying aroung even if i have tons of homeworks.

I need to abandon this blog for 2 weeks!* due to exams*

I need to stop feeling nervous!

I need to save more money!

I need stay at home more than i go out! *unless its anything about God lah*

I need to stop day-dreaming!

I need to eat less. hahah.

I need to stop buying mags!

I need time to think?

I need my DADDY!


My mom went to KL this morning..
*cuz my grandpa will be undergoing an operation in Pahang*
without saying goodbye!
She dint even told me that its today!
this morining when i'm waiting for my school bus to come,
She came and said,
Mom: Bye!
me: *oohh.. bye, mom! i thought she was saying bye because im going to sch ade mer*
Mom: im going to KL later okie?
Me: huh? Why? How come i dint heard you saying that your going to KL?
* Bus came de*
Okay lah.. maybe she did said goodbye.
But its such a short notice!
I miss her!

February 16, 2009










February 14, 2009


I'll be celebrating SAD!

Single Awareness Day.


But of cuz, i'll be celebrating with God lah!.. Don't forget that He 1st love us that he send his one and only Son to die on the cross for all of US! Valentines is all about love mer, rite? Put God first!! Date him first then only go out with your loved ones.. alright?? hahah..




ShirHoay wishes all of you and all the loves out thr,


February 12, 2009


Valentine's Day is coming!!
Have you bought flowers, chocolate , etc?
If yes. Good!... *winks*
If no, arhh!! pls hurry!! or ur gf might be mad.. hahah
But me, i'll be dating with my dear cloth!
Singing my love songs to 'him' in the library..
romantic huh?
Wait! did i told you that my school is having a gotong-royong this sat?
yes? no? Nvm, now you know!
I'm serious. I dont know why must they choose Valentine's Day.
Valentine's wishlist?
1.A gigantic teddy bear- it must be bigger than my 14 inch pillow. hahah
2.A brand new camera!- tho, im still looking for a suitable one
3.chocolate?.. -hehe.. Trust me, chocolate melts a gal.* depends lah. some gals dislike choc*
4.Bible? - my old bible's skin is coming out de! =( poor bible. its my fav!
did i missed out anything? hmmm...i'll tell you when i know. hahah.
Im still saving money for the bible ONLY! So far, i've save almost half of the price de.
the rest shall wait. xd Still, i dont mind if you get it for me? hahah..

February 11, 2009


life is really unpredictable!
Only God knows your future.
haiya, to be honest, IM BORED!
i dont know why or how i came out with this title.
Exams is coming real soon!
2 weeks n 5 days to 1st trial exam.
No-No. i dint count it.
My add maths teacher did. she's like reminding us eveyday!
She's spoiling my mood. lol
ohh oo..
if she reads this, i'll be dead!
But what she says is true.
Form 4 life is way different than last year's.
Form 3's,
appreciate every single day of Form 3.
OkOk, gotta sign off ade.
im going for a jog from my place to my sch!
yupp, its gonna be an hour jog..

February 10, 2009


Went E&O with my family for lunch ytd! =)
We dint make it on Thaipusam Eve what..
Took loads of pictures that day.
(since im free now, i guess ill upload the pictures. lol. but wait!)
Then, my mom dropped me at Gurney to catch the movie,
The wedding Game with my friends.
Its a nice movie! esp, those who loves romance. And its funny!
next movie in the list, something something Benjamin Butter or buttler.

This is my LIL sis! (just to make sure you din't think that she's elder that me)

I just loves 'anyaman'


Just tell me that im a bad photographer!

My Cousin sister.. hahah.. she'll do all her 'EEEEsss' when you ask her to smile =D


I dont think i remember what she's was doing when took it.

somehow, i find this thing cute.. yea, CUTE! hahah

February 8, 2009


Just a short update,
I was actually planning to go gurney to catch a movie at 2pm.
But my uncle called telling me that thr's a traffic jam around Pulau Tikus to Union.
Changed my mind bcuz i'll get frustrated with jams.
esp if im the driver. lol.
Still,im goin gurney tomorrow.
Just give me a call if you wanna come along. =)
then, at night pulak my mom siad she wanna go E & O for dinner.
Manatau we got stuck thr at Union for 3HOURS!!
Ended up eating at a coffee shop opposite Pulau Tikus market.
i guess i shall start praying for tomorrow?


I went to a Kem Kursus thingy ytd
It's from 8a.m. to 3p.m
and believe me, its boring!
you'll suffer like mad when its reach to the seminar part.
its about how to be a President/Secretary/Treasurer.
lame rite?
But the icebreaking was okay la.
siao siao one. hahah.
Anyway,i'm asked to promote someone in my blog.
So here it goes.

Let me introduce you to my so called 'lover' , Sing Yeh(left)
And my pihak ke-3, Adeline (right).
(i'll be getting 72 demerits for 'kelakuan lesbian' T.T)

nah! this is the one who asked me for this.
from left: Cheng Wee and Swee Yinn.
Name: Kee Swee Yinn a.k.a Ah Long or Ah Kua
Age:16 year old
She's single and available.
for more info, pls feel free to add her in ur msn,bubblingbubbles93@hotmail.com
To Swee Yinn: Are you satisfied? lol

February 6, 2009

Am I Down?

Can somebody tell me what's wrong with me?,
when there's absolutely nothing wrong with me?
friend1: What's into you?
me: Huh? me?I thought ur the one who's sick?
friend:1Yyea i know. But you look different ler.
me: I do?
friend 2: Stress is it?
me: *lost*
(situation 2)
lis sis: You look emo today lar!
me: =.=
(situation 3)
(phone conversation)
friend 3: Eh!! i wanted to ask you something.
me:Yupp, what is it? homework ah?
friend3: Yea, but before that, are you okay?
me: Err *wondering*.. yea? why? i dont look okay?
friend 3: No! you look so blur in the morning.
me: Im memang blur in the morning. =.=
friend3: Ya, but you look slightly different that blur.
me: *lost* (are you?)
(situation 4)
Friend4:Hey, are you sick?
me: No ler.Why?
friend 4:You looks like you'll be killing someone later.
ME: I do? ohh okay.. * figuring out what that means*
What do you think?? Anybody??

February 5, 2009

Back To Blogging!! Backing?

Lame title!
it's been awhile since i last blogged so my head is kinda empty.. Get what i mean?
haiz.. nvm..
anyway, i've fix my com de!! or should i say, FINALLY!! lol cuz it spoilt since May las year!
And im too lazy to get it fixed.hahah.
Gotta make it a really short post.
Will be going out for a tuition later.
I haven't even had my dinner yet.. on diet, maybe?
okok. gotta chao de.. Stay Tuned! =)