October 27, 2009

On coming events

Okay okay, I confess! I cannot wait for Christmas! lol Who doesn't?.. I just love being in a Christmas mood. Dance practices, carolling events, drama practices, all sorts of practices for Christmas events, searching for more nice nice Christmas songs, shopping of course!, and so much more. AND! not to forget the reason for the season. JESUS CHRIST. loving HIM!
Besides, our long term break is coming! *jumps around, scream around, go wild* lol I have 2 upcoming camps, Leadership Camp and Ignite youth camp. My leadership camp is next Friday! fast huh? and until now, I still don't know where is it. =S bad me. Anyone interested in the youth camp? I would be very happy to help you to sign up. Alright?
Now, I need to be very active in co-curricular activities. A good testimony and stuff. That's why, this year, I'm joining the Penang Bridge Run including the Starwalk marathon. All due to December. I think December will be a packed month for me. The two runs, Christmas presentation, Christmas dinner (still under consideration), not to forget SSK's Christmas event, carolling, and maybe joining my mom for KL trip. Now you know how busy I am. So hurry up and book me for movies before my to-do-list explodes.
Not to forget my finals! Exams is over, happy me. But results are like ........ totally speechless. No, not a good news. Guess what? PTL for everything, right? Sometimes I just seems to forget about our Lord Jesus Christ when I get all this result. Who were the one blessing me with this result? It could have been worse if it's not HIM. and things always work out for good. Amen? =]
Anyway, I would love to talk more, but I can't. Sorry. Need to get my nap now. It seems to be hard to live a day without having my afternoon nap. haha. Im planning to catch up the sunset later! Hope I would not overslept like what I did yesterday. LOL. GOD be with you. =}

October 23, 2009


Let's start with today okie? If you are not blur enough to know, today is Friday. Got that right? xD Anyway, I had CF today in school. Although, its an underground society, but things just ran smoothly. One every thing i admire about our school CF is that, we may come from different churches, different family, different background, different colours, *list goes one*, BUT we can gather as ONE and share about our faith in HIM. Isn't that awesome? I mean I never seen people can just share faith in GOD with people from different things. Garh, words just failed to express myself. Anyway, we had our Bio teacher to share. and she resigning soon. And today, I felt challenged to think DEEPER.
1. Obedience is better than sacrifice.
2. Honor your parents. (this is the 1st commandments that has a promise.)
3.Obey your parents and things will go on well and a longer life will be given to you.
4. Seek GOD's kingdom first, and all shall be given to you.
5. GOD's plan is always better and greater then yours.
6.Expand your gifts and talents. Find out what is it first.
7.GOD is wayy out of your expectation.
8. Many problems might come to you at the end times. But take heart!
9. Honor your parents for this pleases GOD.
We, the next generation must stand up as ONE! taking my CF as an example. They stand as one. no matter what, ups or downs. They will just gather together during recess time everyday! Imagine that. There is a mixture of ages too. Form 3's and the Form5's. I just admire them in many ways, somehow. Think DEEPER.

October 19, 2009

Going busy!

Christmas is near! Hey, do not look down on weeks or months, time pasts so fast you do not even realise it. Serious! I was so happy PMR is over, now I need to worry about SPM. My finals is over, remember? haha! Means, more parties! LOL Im going out later. Hanging out with friends. Then going dim sum tomorrow morning! Every day is a blessings to me from GOD.
My mommy is coming back tonight! Whee!.. I called her just now. To ask her if she's okay? No!, main motive, "Did u buy me chocolates?". Evil me. xD. It's a good thing my mommy is back from somewhere. She always gets me things. muahaha!
Mind me, Im just bored. Taking a break from my HK drama marathon. Haha. JESUS loves ya! and so do I. SMILE! :)

Mixed Feelings.

Hi again. I know I have not been updating my blog recently. Im sorry! Just lost the interests in blogging lately.What's with the title? Yea, mixed feelings. That is how I feel recently. You see, an hour ago, I was the happy-old-me, 15 minutes later, turned into the pissed-off-me, then 5 mins ago, I was the crying-baby-me. Something is wrong here, right? I don't know what happened to myself. Of course, I'm trying to recover here. Feeling better now. Sometimes, people got tired of asking what's wrong with me, got angry at me, and what so ever. I really don't care about this right now. Set my heart pure and right to GOD first. Thumbs up?? If i don't, what's the point of keep saying sorry then making them angry again. It'll just end up like a cycle. Right? I missed the old me. Crazy going girl. I would just forget about everything and start a new day that GOD has made. Ups or downs, just let it go. That was me months ago. But now, it seems like the downs I was trying hard to let go and did, just come and gave me a visit. Weird right?

I didnt get it at first. But what's the point living with this mixed feelings when GOD is love, joy and peace. If GOD lives in me, love, joy and peace lives in me too. Isn't it? The old has gone, the new has come. Every day, every hour, every minutes, every seconds is very precious now, to me. Even 1 second can save a life during car accident. Just 1 second. How powerful is that. GOD is just awesome. INDESCRIBABLE! HE's way better than our expectation. You see, when I was trying to give up, HE will just make sure I won't. Holding me on. Even if I had done soo much hurtful things to him, HE won't give up on me. NO WAY!.

Why bother so much when God is in charged?-Mel.P.

October 14, 2009


Im still lazy to upload all those photos of the dinner at E&O Hotel. haha!, wait, one day, i will do so as soon as possible when I have the mood okay? LOL. I'm gonna skip school tomorrow! Naughty me. haha! I just do not want to end up sleeping in school when i can do so at home. And yes, that's exactly what I did today in school. I mean, besides getting my history results in the first two periods *fast huh?*, and maths after recess. Imagine 4 other periods doing nothing. Aiks! What's the plan for tomorrow? Lunch at Queens with May, then crash her house, then off to Hunza for dance practice at 8pm.
Okay, Im going off now. Stay tuned for the photos okie? LOl God Bless Ya!

October 13, 2009

the MISTRESS is back!

I hereby declare that the blog mistress is now back to blogging because her finals had finally ended.
Thank you for your patience viewing this site.
Indeed, finals is finally over!! muahaha! partying time!!
LOL Still, not all the time, need to study a little also during the holidays.
SPM is like next year! But I doubt it would happen.
Hello? As if ppl like me will study for next year's exam, right?
Let me tell you a lil of my timetable, aite?
Every wednesday,8.30-10pm, music lesson.
Every thursday, 8-10pm, dance practice.
Every friday, 8.30-11.30pm, SSK practice.
Every saturday, 3-10pm, SSK & Ignite youth.
Every sunday, service(morning *varies)
7-10pm, dance practice.
See! Is it packed every week? But I do not mind. haha! Keeps me busy, keeps me unbored. psst. Im giving you hints.During my free time I have, you can ask me out! anywhere! Just give me a call ot simply text me will do. I'll be very happy to say yes! haha. except during school time lerh, haiyo. Now I have lotsa albums to listen to, can start borrowing books from people to read, buy more HK drama to watch and.. *the list goes on.. Anyway, I gotta go. The post will be on my family dinner at E&O. We're like a regular customer there. haha.

October 4, 2009


This site will be officially abandoned due to the blog mistress's coming finals from tomorrow(5/10/2009) onward until further notice.
Thank You!

P.S its just random. LOL happy viewing!