September 28, 2009


The title says it all. Schools. Now I have to drag myself up at 5.50am every morning for schools. Garh!, I just got tonnes of works piled up waiting for me to finish it. 2 folios which I have to pass up tomorrow, Additional mathematics and Mathematics exercise, English homework, and finals is like, next Monday! (did i missed anything out?). Honestly, I started studying. But only History! and I hate History! I cannot even get a single thing which made me read the sentence over and over again. In this way, I'll take a longer time. Like hours just to finish a chapter when I can finish the whole form 1 book in less than a day. Im so stressed out right now. I cant think properly, nowadays. Or it's just things or people around that makes me frustrated. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with everybody?! Thank goodnees I still have my Heavenly Father who's love never change. Mind me if it bores you. I just need a place where I can spill everything out.

September 23, 2009

Childhood memories.

It's me again! It's kind of long I didn't update my blog, ya? Anyway, as I was trying to sleep last night, lotsa things just came into my mind. My childhood memories, especially. I would say, one third of my entire memory. Things that I did when I was young. LOL Indeed, it was weird. Thinking of all the silly things that I'd done. I regret, sometimes. I still remember how I was trying to get people's attention when I fell off from the hiking track. Seriously. The other time when I had this incident, It was my fault, but people keep blaming my elder sister for this and that. How I wish I could just apologise to her. It left with a scar on my forehead.

When I was four, in kindergarten, I still remember how I wouldn't want to let go of my mom. Afraid that she'll just leave me there. How my teacher "admire" me. I was very shy and quiet back then. The teacher always asked me to teach my classmates Chinese. *I was good in Chinese last time* And my crushes! LOL I giggled, when this came into my mind. I used to write all the boy's name, who was in my class on a piece of paper. Hiau hor? haha. Primary? How I always run to the canteen buying the same food everyday. yea, everyday! Cus my mom only taught me how to buy roti canai.

Oh oh oh, when I was in standard 1, I mixed with people elder than me! The seniors of all seniors, the standard 6 girls. Seriously! They do not bully me, in fact, sometimes they buy me foods too! Not to forget my worse nightmare, the dentist! I do not know why, but I was afraid of them last time. Thinking of them as some psycho murderer. I cried on my first appointment. My mom even had to come over to my school and "settle" me.

When I was in standard 4, mixing with new friends, after school, everyday, my sisters, cousins and I would always go to this playground near my house to play We had friends there too! We had this 'merry-go-round' thingie back then. You know the thing tha goes round and round? I mean, duh!, of cus it goes around.Never mind. All the games we used to play. Acilla duduk, hide and seek, Ice, Toy, etc. As years passed, rules and regulations were added to this games, making it more adventurous! And every year, we'll have this reunion on Christmas eve, Chinese New year, etc. This equals to more parties!, fire crackers, and maybe Shandy too? Ahh..crushes, again. Love at first sight? I do believe in this, though.

And I can go on and on and on, if you want. But Im sure you would fall asleep listening to my boring old stories. Cus Im not a good story teller, you see. Anyway, holidays are here and soon, finals will be here too! LOL Of cus I studied, but I do not think I remember anything. My mind always wanders around when I study. And I have been working out lately. I go to the gym in the apartment opposite my place. They have some cool spots, know? They have this gym, basketball court, swimming pools with slides, pingpongball table, playground, hiking track. My fav is of cus, the hiking track. Cus I can see part of Penang Island there. I do not have to go to Penang Hill to see this. Still, it would be the best. I just love doing things alone. As in, without company, but my hand will be gripping my phone texting. And my earplug on, songs played, ahh.. there you go. Somehow, seeing this view, winds tugging at me, I feel better always. Seems like I was young again. No problems bugging me, finals is like years later, its just so relaxing. I got some pictures for you.

can you see the playground? No? Wait til I get you a better one.

the scenaries at the lowest part of the hiking track

Houses? sorry la. I know Im a bad photographer. You should come here yoursleves and take a look.
Best part is when there's rainbow or the sunsets.

September 18, 2009

Dinner Dash

Hey people! I've decided to update my blog now. As you can see, I believe. Just got back from my dinner with my daddy at The Steamboat Restaurant then, here I am. All I want to say is, God is awesome!! *amen! Let me tell you why. You see, I loves ice cream! *psstt, I am giving you some hints on my b'day present. I do not mind if you give me a voucher to Baskin. Heee!..* So after having all kinds of foods, time to level up! Stage 5, deserts! And I was lining up in a super long line where people do not care about you. They just take whatever they want even if they can not finish it. Human natures, oh well. And the lady lining up in front of me, sadly, took all the flavours that I love. Chocolate chips and vanilla. There were only mints and yam flavours. I got no choice but to take mints cus I hate yams. Yerr.. But wait! Guess what? When they finish scooping the ice cream, which means, my turn to scoop mine!, the worker so nice, put in new ones! Whee, this time it was cookies n creams! Even better. Isn't our GOD an awesome GOD? HIS awesome-ness is just indescribable! Praise GOD.

We are the reason that HE gave HIS life
We are the reason that HE suffered and die.

See! His awesone-ness!

September 17, 2009

Paradise Band Worship Concert

Halo again! Since tomorrow is a holiday, I will sacrifice my time sleeping to update my bloggie. I pity my bloggie so much when I see it so deserted. Let us start with Friday, aite? I went Seoul Garden,Gurney with my bunch of friends. Celebrated Melissa's B'day!! For the last time, Blessed *belated* B'day, meL!! haha.

The b'day girl is the one with Revo t-shirt.

Anyway, do you remember the Paradise Concert I had told you about? Yes, it had finally come to past. Those of you who missed it, sad for you, but I will show you the pictures of their band, alright? No worries! It is awesome! Even words failed to express me. So, I'll just let the pictures to do the talking part. Pictures worth a million words.

*psstt.. Did you ever know that I can..

play too?
Maybe not. I know how to play a few melodies, though.

And, did you ever know that guys vain too?

*From left, Ariel, Gabriel and me.

See! Told ya!

Part of the band.
From left, (top) Adam[drummer], Gabe Levy[guitarist], Matt Downton[guitarist & vocals]
(bottom) Janice, me, and Krystle

(top) Ps. Mark Anderson[ lead vocal ]
(second row) Li Ann, Shia Wen
(bottom) Melanie, me, Hui May

From left, Gabriel, Ben, Gabe Levy[guitarist], Melanie, Shia Wen and me

From left, Ben, Shia Wen, Melanie, Ps. Daniel Thornton[ keyboardist and vocal ], and me!

Shia Wen, Adam[drummer] and me.

(on stage) Matthew Downton, Ben[blue shirt]
(bottom) Me, Hui May, Faith Neil[bassist], Shia Wen, Melanie, Edward

And you know what? Matt Downton is always the steam one.


Now you know what I mean?

Finally! One nice picture.
That's it! There is a lot more actually. Im just lazy to upload all of it. Hahah! Till then.

September 14, 2009


I know I've been abandoning my blog lately. But this week is kind of a busy week for me. As you all know, my mom is in KL so, all the housework is basically done by me! Yes!, the laundry, cleaning up the room, even dinner, I have to walk out of the house to buy. Sometimes, I just eat what my fridge has when I am lazy. Homeworks too! Moral folio is still hanging. Halfway through. Civic?, Garh!! Just articles. I cant find information in Google! The results are all craps! I want this but they give me that. WTHeck?! I wanted to just write the whole essay part by myself, but think twice, there is a lot of essays!! In another word, L-A-Z-Y. and finals?, It's just 20 more days. Disaster! I guess, I go online too much. Need to cut down on it already. Garh!, why can't the homeworks do by itself? Why can't I get smart without studying? Why am I complaining here when nobody is listening?! Why do I get angry so easily lately?

September 7, 2009


Peek-a-Boo! =} Nothing much on Saturday. Just I.G.Nite at Hunza. Overall, okay larh. Sunday more interesting. So I shall focus on Sunday instead, okie? In the morning, I went 1st service as usual. Had my lunch ALONE in the mamak. Dated myself again. No le. I was so hungry until I can barely wait for the others to have lunch together. Bought some newspaper on my way back. I need it for my civic project as a proof for the essays. And as well as moral project, but nothing much.

Isn't our GOD awesome and merciful? *Amen!* I took a nap at 4 yesterday. And I'm suppose to wake up at 4.45pm to get ready for dance audition. Or else, someone would have kill me for being late. You know who you are. Blinks! set my phone alarm on. Unfortunately, I forgotten to set the alarm on Sunday instead on Monday. You know. People like me can barely wake up after 45minutes of sleep. I need at least 3 hours to get up automatically. Praise God. I woke up at 4.40pm realising that I set Monday's alarm. Our GOD is an awesome GOD, isn't it true?

The audition was fine. At least I give my best! Even if I made a few mistakes. But it was okay. After that. my daddy pick me up, then my sis, headed for dinner. He said, since my sister and I haven't been at The Ship somewhere at Penang Road, he'll take us there! I think my dad was in a real good mood. You'll find it very rare that my dad will ever take us to this kind of places. Unless, he made my mom angry le. Then, you know, pujuk pujuk a bit. But mostly also go seafood restaurant one. Anyway, here you go, the pictures.

My dad's watermelon juice.
*Pssttt, I had tea only, okay? Cause I ordered set meal one.*

My main course. Sizzling lamb. Asap pun masih ada.

My dad ordered tiger prawns and oxtail soup. Share share one.
He ordered black pepper steak for himself.
My sis pulak ordered black pepper chicken. *like so kolian hor? Why? Cause she doesn't eat lamb or steak at all.* Apalah.

Desert! Does it looks tempting to you?
Duh! that's why they named it Chocolate Temptations. LOL
My dad also said he'll take us for ice cream cake buffet next weekends! Haha. My mom would be so jealous for not being here in Penang. She would have love it. Anyway, sorry for the lack of pictures. My dad doesn't allow phones while eating.
Now, may I present you my new born baby cousin! Yeah, the nottie nottie one who pooped in her mother's womb. Err, I'm so sorry. I didn't ask for the name. Hehh. I shall just call her Nottie okie?

Nottie baby cousin!
My sister said she looks so garang when she sleeps.
And today, I went Gurney together with my sister and some of her friends. I wanted to but more shoes and new clothes. But nothing caught my attention. And guess what? My sister lost her wallet which consist of RM300 in the arcade. LOL. Surprisingly? NO! It's not her first time anyway. She lost her IC twice too! LOL Okay, time for me to go. See ya!

September 3, 2009

Now nothing much le, just schools.
Results? some ups, some downs, normal le. But I really went down a lot! Argh!
I shall keep it a short one,
I.G.Nite is this Saturday! so come!
I can guarantee you, it'll be a blast!
Okie? I'll see YOU at 7.30pm, Hunza Complex