June 30, 2009

Arhh...Help me!

I just don't feel like myself for this past few days. I just feel like crying out loud! I wanna be me again! The girl who will laugh at anything that is lame, happily doing my things, smiling at everyone I know, curi makan my sis's ice cream, fighting with my sister, lazying around and all. I'm trying to put everything aside, pretending there is absolutely nothing is wrong with me. I tried everything!! Believe me, I did. Joke around, laugh around, pranking people(you know who you are *winks*), Acting as if I just got my RM10000 allowance per month(of cus, not! just acting), Trying to sleep as much as I can hoping that everything will just go away when I wake up. And I did, of cus, pray! But it's just not working.
I need bigger faith! I need solution!
I need You, Lord.
Please help me, guide me, lead me, stand beside me.
Tell me what should I do to make things better.
If it is not from you, take it all away!
I just cast everything upon Your feet, Lord.
Thank You, Daddy.

June 29, 2009


Just wanted to update you people larh, okay? Anyway, let's start on sat okie? Remember the KK Day I've told you before? Yeah, Although my group didn't win, but we all did have fun. All the shouting and screaming part and kin-cheong-ing..HaHaHa.. Yeah, they all got nervous breakdown. But not me, cus I have my own plannings already mer, remember? lol KK Day was fun larh, as a conclusion. Loads of activities and all. Then, have to rush home to bath and all, take-a-break sikit le and then rush to Hunza for practise. Someone scratched my hand during games! =( One long red line okay! and It's very obvious! After the skit, went downstairs to studio to witness the Jenga competition and of cus usher's meeting. As usual, IGNITE service followed by supper lur..
Sunday pulak, attended 2nd service at Macalister Road, went for lunch at Subway! hehehe! awesome sandwiches=bloated stomach. Manatau, my dad sak me to follow him for lunch when I got home. You know how full I was? some more ask me to kongsi with him. He ordered like the whole table also filled with foods. Gosh! Know you know how crazy my dad is. HeHe. Then 7.30pm like that, went Ananda with Church people. Followed by Starbucks, Island Plaza for some fellowship-ing thing. Thanks to Mabel's Java Chips, I couldn't sleep at night. *went fishing this morning.. :P* =( Overall, It was an awesome night out.
And then later, Im going Hunza for the Rehearsal thing. Promise my friend to follow along. So yeah.. Okay ler.. Lazy to update and type all those long long story ade. Need to charge my battery already..Lol. Bye bye! See ya, for those who is coming tonight larh. =)

June 26, 2009

Cooking Day?

Tomorrow is Hari KK.
And the activities are:,
1. cooking competition
2.batu seremban competition
3.congkak competition
4.reka cipta using recyclable items
5.T-shirts making competition.
* and one more i cannot remember*
And the non-competition one pulak,
1.Flying fox
I think still have a few.
I just cant remember.
Only the exciting one nia. Haha!
Anyway, I'm in the cooking competition. Trust me, you don't wanna hire me as your chef! lol. Still, I join for the fun of it. Unlike some groups, Pia till mad like no body's business nia. I still rmb last year was awesome! Though, we didn't win, But it was fun! *Pssttt!!.... Wanna know my plans for tomorrow? You see, I'm the chef tomorrow. As in the cooking one? and none of our group members are experienced. So, we, the chefs, will purposely add more salt or sugar or any other spices that we can find tomorrow. Go prank on the judges who's our PK Hem kanan, I think. lol. Sorry le, I don't know anything about my school's political stuff one okay? hahaha! Then see how is their expressions! Muahahahaha! Is the plan evil enough? LoL Any ideas from you readers? If yes, then please give me a call or text me will do!
Okay, I gotta go
Need to catch up with the drama on 8TV..

June 24, 2009

Just a Smile on Your Face

I was on my way home,
sitting at the corner in the bus all alone,
holding a piece of card in my hands,
printed, written.
Stating the results and positions of mine.
It wasn't that bad.
It was actually pretty good.
Well, for me.
I had never dream or even think of getting it.
Not even once!
I was hoping, dreaming,
That this piece of card can make you happy.
Or maybe you would ever thought of saying,
"Well Done!"
or simply just a word,
will ever satisfy me.
For you are one of my reason I would work hard for it.
My motivation, I would say.
But it all didn't turn out this way.
At least I hoped so.
I was so upset that this is reality.
Not the dream that i once had in the bus.
Reality is that you never appreciate what I had done for you.
I just wanted to let you know,
that I am thankful.
And also grateful.
For bringing me in this world.
For all the cares and everything that you can give.
But you never gave me that 'look'.
Saying that you're happy.
Proud maybe?
I prayed to God everyday.
That my Father In Heaven would bless you.
Held you in His arm whenever you needed Him.
Watching after you day by day.
All this I had done.
Just to put a smile on your face.
Hahaha! This is just my craps. And it was suppose to be a poem. Sadly, i cant write! but at least some of it rhymes? lol Don't take it seriously. But indeed i got my positions today. And i ain't sharing it with you! hahaha. Ask me personally if you really really want to know. Alright? Anyway, School was fun! We had 3 hours and 10 minutes of BM today. But!, she only gave us an assignments and asked us to use that whole 4 periods to discuss. History and English was nothing too. All i did was talk and laughed. lol.
That's all for today,
And have a nice day!

June 22, 2009

Latte Late Late

Don't ask me anything about the title.
Just feel like it. =) hahaha.
Ouhh and guess what?!.
I was almost late for school!
I woke up at 7am when I'm suppose to wake up by 6am.
Clock spoil ade le i think.
And its just too nice to sleep in an air-coned room,
with a filled stomach n a half asleep brain.
Great! I missed the bus, rushed like mad nia.
Cus Mon got assembly one mer, so mostly they'll start early lu.
Means around 7.20 start ade. Means i have like 2o min to get prepared?
Ouhh, i got all my results ade.
Trust me, U don't wanna know about it.
All also very bad one. I failed one of my sub somor. =(
Sigh. Must start reminding myself to,
Give thanks in EVERYTHING! hahaha.
Okay, i gotta go ade.
Need to get some sleep before I got demerits for going to school late.
Good day!, people. =D

June 21, 2009

She's finally healed!

Yeah. She is finally healed from virus!
Ouhh and guess what? The man found 3 discs in my CPU.
lol. i wonder how is that possible!
Before my craps, i just wanted to say that,
lol. Ermm i think it's been so long since i last blog,
so i dont really know what to say! lol.
Ouhh, today is Father's day. Just got home from gurney.
Bought something for my dad n grandpa. Hehe!
Then later at night, i going out for family reunion. =)
Where? i dont know. but of cus the dads sekalian is paying. lol
Whatever Day it is, the dads will always be paying the bill.
haha! K ler. Nothing much to say. Just wanted to sleep nia.
See ya!

June 3, 2009

Minor Picture Updates

Hey peeps! Im sorry for lack of updates. My com is currently down. Again. So I have to use my cousin's to go online. And what's wrong with MSN? Cannot sign in one. =( Anyway, I've decided to post all the pictures in my phone that I've been saving it for you guys. But not that much le. Here it is!

And this is the Hillsongs latest album that I've bought.

This pulak, is the PSP la. Rmb the one my dad ask me to buy one?

This is my baby la. She's now in China.
Visiting her mother's side relative for a month.
Miss her so much. Miss her noise!
Next, My b'day celebration! hahah

lil pressie?
Yeah, the cake my elder sis bought for me.
hahaha Thanks a lot!

These are all my pic taken when I was young.
Eihh It's edible! And my sis have to cut , arrange and design it.

This is just for fun!
Lastly, the Taska JG & CG Sport's Day.
I tell you le, my first year ever helping n my first year in Blue House,
We Won! yeah, BLUE HOUSE! * after years of 3rd place or last*
hahah perasan me. Anyway, the group pic is in the newspaper! *STAR*

One of the game's prop. Flower!

Yin Shan

Me and Clarisse

Eyvan! He's cute when he is not *smiling*. Seriously!

Yeah, Ernest Tan Kon En!
Whoa, this guy ah,
He can even run around the field when it's almost his turn to play!

Ini pulak, Eliana.

My fav, Ee Zhe.
He's like the kuai-est among all!
I'm just wondering why they love to sit on my lap.
It's really tiring! *note that i said 'they'*

The Ms.Trouble of the day!
Yeah, She always fight with Eyvan and Ee Zhe one.
Maybe bcus Ee Zhe has sweets!
I miss all of them a lot! Wish to visit Taska one day. =)