January 20, 2010


blog mistress is now officially taking a long break.

January 4, 2010

school reopening?

You know, everybody keep saying "why must school reopen so soon?", "i wish holidays was longer", " i don't want to go to school", bla bla bla. Including myself. Think twice, act wise! You cant change the fact that IT IS reopening, right? So let's think positively! We are going to make a difference! a whole lot of difference. I mean, if there's no such thing as schools, where are we gonna get our education?, how did we met out friends in the first place?, etc etc. I mean, despite all those exams, strict rules and strict teachers, isnt school fun? agree? Now, lets stop complaining and live as if GOD is coming back tomorrow, and spread the love! Shall we? =]

Ouh, and by the way, Happy Belated 2010 to you readers! Im sorry for the late wish and really lack of updates. I've been really really really busy. Tons of apologies. And' I would like to share something to you people. My 2009 was simply remarkable. Learned loads of stuffs, ups and downs, all the fun I had, and how GOD ministered to me. I always complain and complain and complain. seriously, like literally non stop complaining. For example, I talked to A. and I got angry at the way A treated me. how A talk, etc etc. As the usual me, I complained! and i told GOD. But GOD, without even getting angry or tired of listening to me, ministered to me, with love. loads of love! Like, HE just put me in A's situation, and A in my situation, A treated me just the way I treated him before, of course i was mad. But GOD told me, isnt this the way you treated A before? My heart was like titanic!, in the sinking mode! You know, like literally broke into 2 pieces and sank deep into the sea. I just love the way HE is. the way HE teach me, the way HE love me! =)

I told GOD, this year is gonna be a blast! In fact, its gonna be way better than 2009. I just want to encourage you readers to make sure you never give up in HIM. Stay strong and hot for HIM, will ya? Even if there may be problems and disasters happening around you, why worry? Isnt HE gonna go through every single seconds with you? and you arent the only one facing trials and temptations. and more thing, whoever you are, I love you! =} The end.