July 23, 2010

Living Sacrifice

Hi there. I AM BORED. Yeah, thats why i'm here. lalalalalalala. Right now, i have absolutely nothing to talk about. How have I been? Hmm, pretty awesome i would say. Well, life goes on, isnt it? With colourful rainbows and storms in life. Just so you know, my PROM IS COMING! ;DDDD what?! Im excited okay? All I wanted to do now is to go for prom. at least enjoy with my school friends! I mean, ohh come on, you have got to admit that school is fun, no? School is like the best time ever in life. Besides the part where you start to panic about the coming exams and results. But, school!, great friends, great people, "great" teachers, great time?

UGH. I know no one is gonna read this post. What the heck, for the sake of killing time! How i wish i have my license now. There's so much to do! Okay okay, I'll tell you.

1) I would want to wake up early and drive down to the beach to catch the sunrise.
2) Drive my family and friends out!
3) or maybe drive to school too! ;D
4) driving myself out for a ride around penang island.

Hmm, what else can i do with a car? Argh, forget about it. Nevermind. I think i'll just end here. Im out of topic. BYE! P.S : DO NOT STAY TUNED. lol

May 30, 2010

A Brand New Life

First of all, millions (or maybe billions and trillions) of apologies. *begs for mercy* I know I haven't been updating a lot. Okay, fine! I know I abandoned this blog site for half a year? Err, heh heh. Let's just say facebook is a little more interesting than blog. But whatever, holidays are coming, and I've got to do something more productive. Something like this maybe?

Secondly, I have a confession to make. Well, my life has got worse. Im actually hoping no one would read this as I would get a lil emotional typing this. What happened to me? Tough question cause I have absolutely no idea like you are right now! Like literally! To save hours of typing the whole long story, I AM NOW LIVING A BRAND NEW LIFE. The spirit that raised Jesus up is now living in me. Honestly, Im trying to make this site a place for me to spill things. Humans like me sometimes need to spill. Or you'll be seeing nowhere but in Tanjung Rambutan. Aint joking. xD

And I am done for today. =D see you soon.

January 20, 2010


blog mistress is now officially taking a long break.

January 4, 2010

school reopening?

You know, everybody keep saying "why must school reopen so soon?", "i wish holidays was longer", " i don't want to go to school", bla bla bla. Including myself. Think twice, act wise! You cant change the fact that IT IS reopening, right? So let's think positively! We are going to make a difference! a whole lot of difference. I mean, if there's no such thing as schools, where are we gonna get our education?, how did we met out friends in the first place?, etc etc. I mean, despite all those exams, strict rules and strict teachers, isnt school fun? agree? Now, lets stop complaining and live as if GOD is coming back tomorrow, and spread the love! Shall we? =]

Ouh, and by the way, Happy Belated 2010 to you readers! Im sorry for the late wish and really lack of updates. I've been really really really busy. Tons of apologies. And' I would like to share something to you people. My 2009 was simply remarkable. Learned loads of stuffs, ups and downs, all the fun I had, and how GOD ministered to me. I always complain and complain and complain. seriously, like literally non stop complaining. For example, I talked to A. and I got angry at the way A treated me. how A talk, etc etc. As the usual me, I complained! and i told GOD. But GOD, without even getting angry or tired of listening to me, ministered to me, with love. loads of love! Like, HE just put me in A's situation, and A in my situation, A treated me just the way I treated him before, of course i was mad. But GOD told me, isnt this the way you treated A before? My heart was like titanic!, in the sinking mode! You know, like literally broke into 2 pieces and sank deep into the sea. I just love the way HE is. the way HE teach me, the way HE love me! =)

I told GOD, this year is gonna be a blast! In fact, its gonna be way better than 2009. I just want to encourage you readers to make sure you never give up in HIM. Stay strong and hot for HIM, will ya? Even if there may be problems and disasters happening around you, why worry? Isnt HE gonna go through every single seconds with you? and you arent the only one facing trials and temptations. and more thing, whoever you are, I love you! =} The end.

December 15, 2009

Upcoming events!

Hey! I'm soo sorry that I was so caught up with the stuffs that I had to do. Had sleepovers over at my friends house. uh huh! imagine 3 hours of sleeps for 10km of walk the next day. Pretty tiring. But i did manage to finish the walk in 1 hour 32 minutes and 52 seconds. haha! I walk faster than I run during the Penang Bridge Marathon okay? Feeling so proud of myself.

One more day to go for PFAOG's annual church presentation, Only You at Dewan Sri Pinang. Still remember our dates?! hahaha. Tomorrow would be the rehearsal already. Hopefully I still remember my steps and all. and the lyrics! hahaha. I really hope to see you there alright?

And this saturday, I will be going KDU together gether with Ignite Youth. Not forget carolling with SSK later at night. I bet it would be soo much fun carolling from house to house. grabbing foods and goodies from them as well. You will never get ur tummy fulled. I don't know why. But I just eat and eat from house to house. especially when they bring out their home recipes! Fuhlicious!

Besides, Christmas is coming soon! and certainly, I am already in a Christmas mood. whee! Gotta go off soon. Dont feel comfortable with people staring at me typing this. LOL. stay tuned!

December 7, 2009


Allo! I am back to blogging! But I wonder if there is still any readers. Even if so, I hope i didnt bore you. Okay, first of all, Youth camp was such a blast! Praise GOD I was able to attend it. The speaker? This year's speaker is Ps. Lisa Chin. She was absolutely awesome! The message and all. For short, it is all indescribable! But im so sorry i couldnt upload any pictures. Was too busy and caught up with all the events to take pictures myself. But Im sure there are a lot of pictures uploaded by peoples of the world in Facebook. Check it out yourself. =)

Upcoming event would be my rehearsal for the Penang First Assembly Of God 's Christmas Drama, "Only You". Yupp! I would love to see you there. It will be held in Dewan Sri Pinang, 7.30pm, on the 17th and 18th of December. Entrance fee? ouh no, its free you guys. So come, alright? We'll have dances, choirs and so much more. Im sure you would have so much fun there.

So much events for this very packed month. I am happy this way though, dont get me wrong. Blessed to be here in Penang, witnessing God's awesome-ness! Of course i do not hope to be soo busy until i abandon this site again. haha. Stay tuned.

December 5, 2009


People! I know i abandoned this site again. Facebook is just too addictive. hahaha. Anyway, this is just a short post. As in, real short post. just to keep this site alive. Revive again!? wahaha. There's just so much happening this month. All packed weeks. I confess, I've been going out a lot to shop for Christmas. You know, for costumes, my daily needs, and so on. Besides, remember out "dates"? uh huh. make sure i see you there alright? I'll try to post something more interesting next time. Bare with ur blog mistress here, is so tired and lazy. LOL stay tuned! =) btw, i bought some perasan bookmarks for myself. Its says " you are absolutely adorable". haha