July 23, 2010

Living Sacrifice

Hi there. I AM BORED. Yeah, thats why i'm here. lalalalalalala. Right now, i have absolutely nothing to talk about. How have I been? Hmm, pretty awesome i would say. Well, life goes on, isnt it? With colourful rainbows and storms in life. Just so you know, my PROM IS COMING! ;DDDD what?! Im excited okay? All I wanted to do now is to go for prom. at least enjoy with my school friends! I mean, ohh come on, you have got to admit that school is fun, no? School is like the best time ever in life. Besides the part where you start to panic about the coming exams and results. But, school!, great friends, great people, "great" teachers, great time?

UGH. I know no one is gonna read this post. What the heck, for the sake of killing time! How i wish i have my license now. There's so much to do! Okay okay, I'll tell you.

1) I would want to wake up early and drive down to the beach to catch the sunrise.
2) Drive my family and friends out!
3) or maybe drive to school too! ;D
4) driving myself out for a ride around penang island.

Hmm, what else can i do with a car? Argh, forget about it. Nevermind. I think i'll just end here. Im out of topic. BYE! P.S : DO NOT STAY TUNED. lol

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Ben said...

who says no one reads this post? :p i'm waiting for you to fetch! but... guess you wont.. HAHA