April 30, 2009

Stop It!!!

Could you please leave me alone??
Stop scaring me!!
Why is everything so scary?? T.T
My mom took me to the hospital today.
Thank God!, no injections! whee =)
before that, i read the newspaper,
and i came across to an article concerning a 7 year old boy
who died due to overdose of paracetamol.
It scares me soo much, cus i was shivering this morning, I was so pale,
i don't even rmb whr did i left my phone!
When i got home, my aunt and uncle asked me all sorts of questions
They were like listing all types of "sickness" that i might be suffering from.
One of them are dengue.
I'm so scared right now.

April 29, 2009

I'm Sick Of Being Sick

I dont like getting sick.
*who does rite? lol*
But i'm already sick for 2 days already. 2 DAYS!
My mommy says im still hot. =(
Pls don't make it to 3 days!!
Cus mommy says if I'm still sick tomorrow,
She's gonna bring me to the hospital! *runs*
well, some of you might know that
you see,
hospital = meds = injections = fatal! lol
Fine!, maybe not that serious la.
Just something random, my mom told me that when i was small,
I had this weird sickness..some high blood........i dunno la
And the doctor said that i should undergo an operation.
But my parents dont allow, only medication will do.
*cus they think im too young for an operation. hahax*
Thank God, I'm healed! hahah
Now, Im just a G6PD patient.
Just Say No, aite?

April 28, 2009

Fevering Feverish

Yeah..I am sick! T.T It started last evening. I felt so "hot". I mean as in the fever "hot" hot. I thought i think too much or maybe i just need more sleep! I slept! but the "hotness" made me woke up for a few times. I gave up! I called my dad. And he took me to the Singapore Clinic.
* rmb? the doctor whom scolded me TWICE!* Yeah. This time i prepared everything! But it wasn't the same doc. =.= To cut the long story short, thr's a couple. I saw them walking out of the doc's room. The lady was so mad!
Lady. Husband. Receptionist.
"I told him i couldn't sleep, but he ask me to sleep! What kind of advice is it? I'm not that 'wu liau' to come here and and look at his face!?? Fine! I'll get for a 2ND opinion."
But he is a doctor too!..*trying to comfort his wife*
NO!! It's my right! I know myself better than anyone.
Okay. *disappointed*
*ask the receptionist for a glass of water*
What do you want to do with it?
Take my medicine of cus!
But the doc said you're not suppose to take it with an empty stomach!
Who cares?! I pay for the meds! And I'm in pain! What can i do?
* nag and nag and nag......*
Don't laugh! I'm angry rite now!.
Well. I feel sorry for the husband. hahaz. Don't misunderstand. I didn't curi dengar! They were talking at a max volume that everybody in the clinic was staring at them. Honestly, the doctor was a bit 'gila'??...
Dad. Receptionist. Doctor.
* Explain bout the meds*
Eihh??...No antibiotic ah?
Errmmmm i dunno. The doc didn't mention anything about antibiotics.
And when we were about to leave,
*scream* Wait, I want to give you antibiotics.
*whispering to me* No wonder the couple was so mad.
So what do you think? lol.

April 27, 2009

I'm 16 already!

Yeah. I'm now 1 year older!
So Don't think of bullying me anymore!
Cus I AM STRONGER than u think i am!
hahahhh...Err...no, no, no..
No, guarantee.. =p
And I'm happy being who i am.
Still, I'm trying to change into a better me. =)
Just a short post.
I'll try to post up the pics of my day with my family ASAP!

April 24, 2009


Ahhh.... Exams! I haven't started studying yet! I don't even get what the teacher is saying. *Biology, Physics* I'm still stuck in Add maths Chap 3. =( any tutor here? Ish!....

Ouhh ouhhh ouhhh, I went Prangin today. Just to look for the PSP that my dad wants me to buy. If you're thinking that the PSP is for me, Then NO! I don't like playing games. *but depends on what games la* hahah. It's for my dad's client's daughter. Lol. To cut the long story, the old one that my dad bought for her last time, was 'rampas-ed' by some datin's daughter la. Datin mer.. Who dares to take it back, rite?Now, the client wants my dad to but a new one for her.
=.= What ler. My dad pays for both of the PSP you know? so rich meh? Client only mer..Like very 'rank-ed' only * get it? hokkien, tuah liab*. !@#$#@#@! One PSP cost like RM800++ ade lurh.. And 2 PSP is like RM1600++. Gosh!! can just save the money for his future or something.

Besides, I have to walk for hours, shop by shop to get the cheapest price. lol. Finally, RM820 is what i got. FREE screen protector, 4GB memory stick * i know is very small but who cares?*, USB Cable, games downloading for twice, discount voucher RM30 for the bag-pack n ear-phone, Upgrade memory to 8GB for RM80. I have no idea whether is it reasonable or not. Any ideas, readers? But that's the best deal i can get after hours of searching and talking and persuading! Ssshhhh...I'm now PSP-ing before my dad comes n take it away! heheh. Just to check the quality larh okie? So called! hahah. Not bad eh..Ada Wi-fi one. camera, banyak function larh.. I love the games! hahah. Sorry larh. I lost my USB cable n my card reader. So, i can't post up the pictures. =( Whatever lar. As if you have never seen a PSP before, aite? Then went Sushi King for dinner! XD.

OkOk. Gotta go. By the way, I'm going to stop my Chemistry and Physics tuition already. I'm just too tired for any more activities on Friday larh. Cannot tahan. If not, afternoon tuition til 6.30pm then 8pm have to go hunza for Prac till 11pm or sometimes till midnight!! Tired wei!...Zz

April 22, 2009

Is Being sure of You.
Is Believing what I can see.
Just something random.heheh.
I love Add Maths!

April 21, 2009

I'm Going To Hong Kong! :p

Okay. My mom said that she wants to go for a holiday.*but the last time she went for a holiday was may last year. lol.* Crazy huh? Anyway, she plans to go to Hong Kong. 7 Places in Hong Kong for 6 days cost RM2OOO+ including hotels and foods. I dunno but she said that price is quite reasonable. lol. Plans might not go well according to the experiences that we'd been thru. hahah. And It's from 7 June! But im going KL for Revo Conference!?? What if my dad ask me to choose only 1 place, which one will I choose? Revo or Hong Kong? =( Yeah, Im asking you, readers to give me a suggestion. And i want to go both! Revo AND kl. =( Help?

When I'm starting to love Add maths, things will just go bad. Like homeworks! I'm still stuck at chap4 when they're already theaching chap6 hahah. *well, at least im a lil further than ShiaWen larh. She's still stuck at Self assess 3.2. Yeah, beginning of chap 3. lol* And i don't even know chap3 very well. Ish...What i did with my homeworks? Simple, leave it first, on the day itself, borrow someboday's book and COPY! Honestly, that's what i did with the other homeworks. hahah. But who doesn't besides the hardworking one's? Btw, just a reminder for cgl-ians, thr's 26 MORE DAYS TIL MID-TERM! Hmm.. maybe i shall start a countdown thingy here to remind myself to study instead of going online. =.= But my darling is just too tempting! Yeah, it's on my study table. So, it'll be right infront of me. *cheers or runs?* Okay, i shall go and take a nap before i start my revision now. =) Stay Tuned. Will post the pic of seafood last nite with my family. I cant post it up today cus i cant find my card reader! lol. Buh-Bye.

April 19, 2009

Sundary Sunday

I have no idea why I named it this way. Just felt like it? hahah So...attended 2nd hunza service.
I love the eskimo-american preacher! He is so funny! hahah. Tho i have some hard times trying to catch what he's saying cus he don't really use the might in his hand. Great testmony,Great preacher! heheh. Anyway, I went to PC fair. As usual, It was packed! I cant believe i walked all the way from the beginning to the end just to buy a speaker that cost me 25bucks! I love it tho. hahah..Okay, gotta go already. Next stop is Gurney Plaza! See ya! =)

April 18, 2009

Start Living As a Better Christian

Yupp. That's what I'm trying to change into. A better Christian! If We,Christian don't shine the light for Him. Who's gonna do that? Only the Pastors? No! We have to Shine too. If we don't shine, who and where is the next generation? How would others know that We are a christian?
Then why do you want to be a Christian if you don't want to spread the news and shine the light for HIM? Would you want to see the your loved one's in hell? What if Jesus wants to take you to visit hell and the next thing you see if you best fried 'burning' thr? What would you feel? What would Jesus feel? I mean they are sort of 'innocent' cus nobody had ever share Christ with them!

And to live as a Christian is to live a God-centered life! So, say bye bye to your old Self-centered life.. hahah.. God would be very happy if you put Him first in all times. Talking to Him as if He's the only person in this world. Telling all your ups and downs to Him. I know that thr will be a BIG SMILE on His face. =). And to surrender everything to Him. Yeah, EVERYTHING! GOD is the Solution for everything! And keep praying for ppl's salvation. I believe God has your future all planned up. Everything IS under control. " For God is good to those who's hope is in Him" God would surely bless you!
This time I'm not crapping again. It is TRUE!. So, Let's Change! So that people around you would see the difference in you. People will know that believing God is the one and only way to Life!

I need to get Stronger!

Yeah, It's stated up thr. I need to get Stronger! If you're thinking stronger as in physically, then let me correct you. NO! as in spiritually! Yeah. Cus when every time I'm going to 'do' something. Problems will 'visit' you at the very last minute. Like when I'm suppose to organise the Easter Celebration for CF, things will just suddenly come and....you know... And yes, it'll bothers you until you quit. Me? Quit? ouhh no... no more quiting! I'm sick of running away whenever i faces problem.I need to STAND UP!
Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do this time! I wanna show you who's my boss! *Are you scared now,huh? lol* uhmm hmphmm! Let me tell you who i work for. He 's called Jesus Christ. He paid me by dying on the cross for me. So, I'll spread this great news to the people around me! And,That's the greatest love ever found in this world. What? Do you ever think anyone would do that for you? Ur boyfriend/girlfriend kah? Nah.. As if they would ever do it. Dream it on!.. I gotta put my problems aside and continue to serve Him with a happy face on me. I mean ada masalah ke takde, u juga kena hidup kan? takkan nak bunuh diri bila ada masalah ke? Gila lah ni. Jika benar, u takkan berada di sini untuk baca blog saye ler. U awal awal sudah takde kut. Im gonna Stand Up and have the 'Never Give Up' attitude! Is it true, people? Let me see a thumbs up if you agree with me OR do correct me if I'm wrong, aite? =)
God bless you, People! =)

April 17, 2009

-Just Random-

I didn't go yesterday for Sushi King.
=( My mom change her mind.
Cus it's only for 2009 membercard holder i think. lol
yeah, i was really frustrated!
Yet, i didn't scold her or 'khi mang chang' ler.
*im not the innocence gal as ppl think i am. I mean we are human!, kan?
And God did say that it's okay to be angry as long as we didn't sin. (in psalms i think)
But, my dad called, saying...
" you wanna go eat seafood? my friend caught a big fish n crabs. you wanna come?"
Eihh.. the fish was like bigger than a 19inch monitor la ok?
And the crabs itself can fill a 50cmX30cm plate ler.(agak agak only la.hahah)
And next stop is the PC Fair!!!...
Anybody going? *begs* Pleas do take me along!?
hahahh. That's it for today. Stay Tuned for more.
GBU =)

April 15, 2009



Into God's nite.

What's this? It's written up thr. I.G. NITE.

Where? Hunza sanctuary.

What time? 7.3o p.m. sharp *winks*

Must pay one or not? Aiyah. It's free! *i don't mind if you pay me?

hahah no larh.. I'll of cuz put it into the offering bag*

Will it be fun? guaranteed!

For more information, pls log on to www.pf-igniteyouth.com

Or... you may just text me, email, or whatever u can do to contact me.

So make sure i see your face there!

Smile =D

Sushi King!

Anybody wants to go Sushi King with me?

*Im not promoting them ler*

But i do wanted to go!

And i'm going tomorrow.

Cuz it's only RM2 per plate. yeah,RM2

Wait, let me repeat for one more time, RM2!!

Get it? =D nyek nyek..

Give me a call if you wanna come. heheh

*and if you have my number. Aint sharing it here.*

Lol. Just a random post la, okie?

Just taking a break before i continue finishing my homework.


April 14, 2009

Im in love with Hillsong Kids.
what wor?
They actually praise n worship you know?
Its really nice la, ok?
So, Hillsong Kids's album is the next thing in my list.
=) GBU!

Could you please tell me why?

I planned everything already.
And everything is under control.
But why must you ruin my plan in the very last minute? twice!
yeah, twice!
Do you ever notice that i waste a lot of time and strength?
It's not that easy you know?
And now, you are trying to make it even difficult for me.
multi-tasking? Never!
Making a fool out of me? U wish!
I am gonna quit! yeah, Quit!
did you hear me? *i guess not*
Im sorry if i'd made this blog into a complain corner.
Anyway, i love this song. Even if it may sound kiddy kiddy to you *and me*
But it's nice! but i cant find the chords =(
So i guess i need to get the music book.
And it's super duper expensive! (RM50 over i think)

I just want to share this video with you.

And the title of this song is FREE-HILLSONG KIDS.

April 13, 2009

Im back to the top!

I learn a lot from the trials and difficulty that God has put in me. You might not understand what the pastors are saying all along when they preached about this. Well, i didn't at first. When I saw verses about this, i was like "What the Heck?, I tot God loves me. but why is He letting troubles to happen?" But now i understand more! =) God is actually trying to strenghten you! All you need to do is to repent, hang on Him, turn back to Him. He might be millions steps away, but when you realised it, He's actually just a prayer behind. Just 1 simple prayer telling Him that you're sorry. And what i learned from a friend of mine, God is already very happy when you realised that you're wrong. It really touched me.
And it feels so good when I obey God! somehow, i have the joy in me that tells me that "you've done a great job" .I was feeling so guilty over what i didn't do what God wants me to do for the past few months. I just didn't have the courage. =( I wish i had the courage to do it now if and only if He still wants me to do so. hahah. NOW i want to change! to change into a better me. Like what that pastor had shared in Ignite *sry, i forgotten his name* "Put off the old you, and Put on the new you". I want to be different! Anybody here with me?

April 12, 2009

A trip to Penang Bird Park

Hello people!! =)
Just a random post of my trip to the Penang Bird Park.
Im lind of lazy to type ade larh.
So i guess im gonna let the pics to do the talking thing aite?
Btw, greater/nicer pics are with my uncle.
But for the sake of posting, oh well..

I noe it doesn't looks good on me, but sunglasses might be very handy at times.

just random. SMILE!

Glenys and KKL/Simon

She's so afraid of the 'creature' behind her.hahah

Glenys, Darren, and Hayden(the back one)


I just love the way it speaks. "do i look pretty?"

no comments.

it's very tall! like a model! lol

Peacocks are the hidung tinggi one's


Don't ask me what happen to the feathers.



eih.. i need lotsa of guts to take this pic, ok? Appreciate!

Another 'jumping hornbill'! ask him why he love's to jump!

It's always so emo..+.+

I don't like it. Why? It bites!
hahah. That's all.
Do appreciate! cuz i took lotsa of guts to take the pic for you!
Gos is love. So, LOVE!
1 john 4:18

I'm not being me lately.

As in the normal me! If you guys know me or see me.

Whatever lah. But i'm just simply not me!

I don't know why! =(

I've been going thru a lot of downs for the past few days.

*I mean im not saying that you guys never face ups and downs.*

I need to change! Change into a better me!

I just need HIS help and wisdom!

What's happening to me?

April 7, 2009

A letter to Heaven (SH's version)

It's already been 2 years living without you.
Lotsa things change when you're gone.
Dear Grandma,
I miss you so much. =(
I miss you when you scold me for waiting for you to fetch me at a 'deserted' place.
I miss you when you used to fetch me with your bike.
I miss you when you used to cook my favourite's.
I miss you when you were so happy that you started to 'share' to our neighbours because I got 3 A's in my UPSR.* note that i said 3 not 5*
I miss you when you used to sit at the sofa at 8.30pm sharp to watch your fav show.
I miss you when you ask us to massage your shoulders.
I miss you when you ask us to help you doing all the 'kuih's for CNY.
I miss you when it's Lantern Festival cus you'll start doing 'bachang' for us. *It's the best! many ppl want to buy from her with a 'considerable price' but rejected*
I miss you when you were so happy cus all of your granchildren who took part won in a Lantern-making Competition. *1st 2nd and 3rd sau ka liau*
I miss you when you used to take us to the playground or the waterfall.
I miss you when you will buy sweets for us when we followed you to the market.
I miss you when we will try to wake up as early as possible to follow you to jog around the housing area.
I miss you,grandma! =(
I wish you could be to see me grow up.
I wish you could be here when we will celebrate our b'day every year.
I wish you could be here to see our success.
Can you be here for me? can you not leave me?
You'll always be in my heart.
Even if all that you've left here with me is just memories.
I'll just hope that it'll never disappear.
Your beloved granddaughter.

April 6, 2009

Back to square 1 babeh..

*Why on earth did i choose that title?*
lol. but it sounds nice to me..hahah
Anyway, what i wanna say to you is..
seriously, i am! lol.
I ask like almost everybody but they say 'NO'.
But the weighing scale said it's true.
'Back to square 1' is literally bcus i was a 'big size' kid.
Lol. you wouldn't believe me if i told you so. would you?
Yeah, I was! but no pictures. Im lazy to upload it up for you.
Ouhh ouhh.. I went Prangin ytd! =)
same la, with my family and all.
We were planning to go Times Square to check out how was it.
To cut the story short, it was raining.So, we couldn't.
why? bcus my aunt is in Gama and we're in Prangin? *see the connection?*
And yeah.. me buy lotsa stuff and im happy! =)
I dunno why? but if i buy lotsa stuff i'll be very happy.lol
So, do take note. When you see me unhappy, take me anywhere
and let me shop til i drop! lol.*but i don mind if you're gonna pay?lol*
One more thing before i go,I coloured my hair!
hahah. purple-ish pink colour. It's a hair mascara!
Ever heard of it? lol. me, 1st time.
But don worry, it's washable. lol very nice, tho.
One tinny winny lil thing,
Did you notice somthing? Everything that came out of my mouth,
Are crap and nonsense or whatever you call it. non-facts?
Is it true? cus ppl say i mumble a lot.
They just simply don't understand what the heck im saying!

April 5, 2009


1st term down!,
now oral. =(
My title is 'a social custom of an ethnic group'
Im gonna talk about us,Christian! And BM, my title is 'merokok'
lame huh? its gonna be in a drama. Yeah, DRAMA!
But i don't know what to talk about.* i mean for Eng oral*
I googled it,
and it gave me all sorts of response.
*including dating! is it considered a social custom?*
But but but...or thank God!
Its not tomorrow.
I mean both BM and Eng in 1 day? *faints*
I felt that im taking a risk by choosing that title.
I mean i could have simply choose a title i understand
And start to crap about it.
I beleive God has a reason about this.
All i need is to ask!
For guidance? knowledge, faith?
Erm..i think i should go off now. heheh.
need to continue goggling. =)
* Im SMILING again!* lol

April 4, 2009

Revolution tour!

Just one word I would like to say,
good musics+good sermon=one blast service!
Ignite can actually learn something from them if they were there.
Not only Ignite but all youth services.
I mean we have to do something to 'attract' more youths to come.
ain't it right?
Yeah, you! *points*
HE's coming back!
We can't leave HE's ppl back on earth while we are going home with him?
And HE neither you wants to see your loved ones in hell, do you?
So, Start Doing Something!

April 2, 2009

Belated April Fool!

Happy Belated April Fool! lol
Wait, I just need to tell you that I HATE April Fools!
I used to love it a lot during primary.
But when I enter secondary life, Say NO to April Fool!
yes!, i admit I got pranked like lots of time de ler.
Even today!. 2nd of April!
Still, it's not the reason why i hated it so much.
Why? because i simply don't like the feeling of getting pranked!
As in i don't like ppl to lie infront of me.
I'll get like really angry of frustrated. Ishh..
I think I shall stop wasting my time here.
got lotsa works to do! Help?

April 1, 2009

Firstly, Our school is the Champion for Choral Speaking!
=) woo hoo!... =)
I got the news from one of my friends.
*aiyah, our school always win one. lol. dunno why.*
I mean im not being perasan but its true!
lol. okok.
better stop craping here.
I got my Add Maths homework to finish.. haha.
Stay Tuned! =X