November 14, 2008

i want to fly!!

yea, i want to fly!!
not by rockets or any spaceship but by wings!!
can i have one??
fly to?
to the moon?? or anywhere high!!
or Paris?

November 12, 2008

10 things that I..

10 things that i love or want..
-See God, Jesus or His angel??i mean like face to face so tat i can hug Him tighter than hugging my lover..Lol.. actually, i've been praying for this long long time ago.. i guess God said no??
-A mp3 hahah..
-Fly to the moon!.. Yea, fly la..not by rockets but by wings..I wonder how it feels like..=D
- to have tons of, i'm not gonna give birth to all of them but i'll adopt them!! well, if i can afford them, i will
-To be a psychologist..i tink =.=
-I want to climb on the highest mountain in this world!! am i weird?=X
-I wanna go to Paris or Italy?? and of cuz to Eiffel Tower(did i spell it correctly?).. i just like to travel!!
-To stand on top of the highest building and then look down and maybe scream on top of my lungs!!*ahhhhhhh*
-to own a chocolate factory!!(like kinder bueno? or cadbury?) but 1st, i have to marry a choc guy..=)
-Lastly, i would like to build places for the orphan, 'kena bullied womon/child', poor people..
which means i have to be a BILLIONAIRE!!

November 10, 2008


okok, i always forgot to wish all those who are taking SPM tomorro(its tomorro rite?)
1) all the best!!
2)stop online-ing and study!!
3)pls pls pls don't forget about our Lord up there?
4)i'll pray fot you too!
5)take at least 1 hour for break!(or for ur family, gf/bf too?)hahax
6)say no to burn the midnight oils!
7)exercise ur hands! cuz u need ur hands for essays mer..Lol
8) PRAY , PRAY , PRAY!!!! Non- stop prayers..

Toilet Bowl for lunch

Yesterday afternoon, my mom,elder and lil sista, my aunt and her daughter, and I went to Toilet Bowl,Queensbay Mall for lunch.. It was my aunt's idea to go there.. To be honest, my mom din't really wanna go(according to my lil sis, she say my mom can't eat if she'll be facing the toilet bowl!) but my aunt's chia-ing and she can't drive! Lol..Toilet bowl is what they use as the main decoration..^^By the way, it was used as a seat too!..Lol

And this is what i ate!! its looks like s*** kan?? =X but it is called the jumbo sausages!! hahah.. Unfortunately, i din't took a picture of my sis's order.. it's a cheece baked rice on a toilet bowl.. But i'll try to get the picture for you alright?? =)

November 7, 2008


1 more week and im gonna be............bored!! lol.. why?? bcuz i don have anything better to do at home!!.. my mom said she wanted to go to KL.. But, i can't!!.. cuz... you know, i got SSK Carolling, Christmas presentation, IY camp and so on(i just don rmb anything rite now)..=.= And that is why i have to get myself a new mp3!!.. so i can listen to the musics, and maybe i'll fall asllep(that can kills time)..hahah..
oh yea,, my school is having a fun and fiesta(something like a food fair ler) tomorro.. And im going!! i mean its organize by the primary school ma and it was my school so i think i'll go and support them!!..wanna come?? lol..
By the way, im still in love with my teman.. hahah.. he's super-duper HOT man!! Anyone agree with me??

November 5, 2008

Queen of Ponteng-ers

Based on the title above, surely you would know that i skipped school today rite?..And yes! its not that i loves skipping school.. Its just that i don't want to sit in the mini hall nor helping in the SPBT room.. Though the school organize some program for the students, i guess the students get bored with it.. Lol.. And they really need to realize that! Or the students will continue skipping school, like me!
Anyway, my dad told me that he'll get me a bike(as in motosikal not basikal) if i score at least 6A's in my PMR.. well, i smilled cuz i knew i would not get 6A's.. To be honest, i don want anything from them, I just want them to be happy and proud, of cuz.. But i do want a brand new Mp3.. i have one before but it spoiled 1 year ago.. Lol. P.S: christmas is coming..start saving money to buy me a present yea?? hahah.. joking joking.. but i don't mind if you do.. =)

November 4, 2008

Posted Pictures

As i had said to post up all the pics for you, i did!!first of all, i'll show you what had happen to my room. Can you see the picture below?? yea, under renovation..=.=ta-da!! yea, this is my room..can you see whr's my bed??*.*
Okay, these are all the photos taken by me, Ms.Shir Hoay..i know im a bad photographer but what the heck ler..*drum-roll please?*And this is Ah Jon and his friend ler..P.S:i don really know their names..terlalu banyak kids!!
Ini pula ialah Melanie. Somehow, i like her! cuz she's pretty(to me) n extra kuai..
My lil chefs and waiters..cute rite??this is how it looks like in the back stage..huru-haranya..macam perang saje..
finale..they're waving goodbye =) *wave back* teachers of Taska JG & CG..(i wonder why tak ada guy mia guru)
they all cho siau after the graduation..if you look extra carefully, they bare-footed..they say sakit kaki after wearing heels for so left: T.Monica(princess/maid?), T.Veronica(The Queen) and T.Shireen(princess/maid?)

Saving the last for the Best, this is...erm...i think he's name is Dayren..i dunno how to spell ler..anyways, dia temen lelaki aku..handsome-kan??..i love his hair so much!! fainting de ler..hahah..*warning: your com might explode due to his entau-ness, u may look at his picture, but look at your own risk*lol

November 1, 2008

im filled..

im filled.
filled with??..
holy spirit??.. i am but not about this..
im filled with...............
yea, dust!..
wait till i post a pic of my room..(am i going nuts?)

anyways, i'd missed ignite twice in a row ade.. and im gonne make it thrice!.. the first week, i went for a dinner with my dad.. second week , i have to be home!!.. lol.. and this week, i have to go for the Taska JG's graduation..i missed it last year(means i'd missed my "son",nicholas's graduation) so im not gonna missed it this year. my anak- anak are all growing bigger and now they're graduating.. sob sob.. as a mamma, i shall be proud of guess im really nuts)
No worries..Will snap a few pics to post it for you sooner or later..alright?

By the way, Altered Frequency and Parachute Band is awesome!! You can ask me for their musics personally if you want it..okie okie..i got to chau de..God Bless You.. and don't fprget to pray in order that He will fill you with the understanding of His's will with the spiritual wisdom and knowledge and that you may live a life worthy to Him..XD