September 29, 2008

Blessed Birthday To You All

Sept 26->Mabel James a/p James Anthony
->My Daddy
Oct 1->Datuk Michelle Yeoh Yenn Lynn
Oct 3->My cousin,Jolene Koay Kah Ee

I would like to wish all of the above a very Happy Birthday n may the Lord bless you in your studies,health, and maybe in your finance too??..Have a good day!!=)

Pmr coming..less than 2 weeks!!arghh!!...praise the Lord there's one week holiday..I haven't started studying in open the book n memorise all the important facts..oh gosh!!..any tips??

September 19, 2008

KL Trip

so you know i went to KL,rite?..but do you know in which part of KL i went??hahaha..let me tell you ler.. nah..this is petalingjaya street.but most of them call it 'chee chiong kai'..i dunno ler..a lion??beta watch out!!'s called sunway pyramid..its at the sunway lagoon wan no no..i din't went swimming or what ler..i onli went shopping..haha..


tada!!..this is my food!!muahaha.. we went to some japanese resturant ler..i forgot what's the name of it de..but it's too much that i cant finish it and even my mom and my aunt have to help me to finish r u hungry??..

Melvin's b'day..

so sorry i don't have he's pic..but but but,u can still check out he's is there->though he's b'day was on last sun,but i just wanted to show you..haha..

err..its a octopus i think..i dunno la..i don't study 'sealogy'
can u guess what's this??pls tell me if u know what's this cos i don't..and it's defintely not a squid!!
i just love the cloud..=)
it's getting torchlights??*if im not mistaken,i think the 2person there was jimmy and denise..sshh!!keep ur voices low!!u don't wanna kacau them,rite??*beautiful??no??aww!!its nice ler..its just that im not a good photographer..sobx.T.T

September 17, 2008


guess wat?! in KL rite now!!'s a sudden vacation!!..i din't even know my mom book 3 tickects ad wan..wen i came home.."hoay,we're going KL at 4pm later" like,what?!..but but but!!"no but!!..we're coming back tomorrow(wed)"..n i tot we'll be going 4 i day onli mer, so i followed. mana tau,my mom say thurs onli go home..wat ler!!have to skip sch again..argh!!..i tink i skip sch more than 5 times this year de ler..oh gonna get demerits marks for ponteng-ing sch!!..

National service
who 's chosen?? edler sis?? nope..which means??i have a big chance that i'll be chosen when i've reach 17 years old..Gosh!! cou bro was chosen too..he came home kek khi-ing.. so i asked,what happen to you??fail ur exam ar?? cou sis replied:no ler..he got chosen for NS
my sis and I started laughing!!!...then mom:laugh wat??both of you might be chosen since ur elder sis din get chosen..if pheng(my younger sis) got chosen,im not that worried coz she learned karate..but you??i tink you sure cry *sio chia*(i tink it means lemah os something).. of coz i stoped i guess i beta start praying like rite now??

September 8, 2008

Love is..

-love is willing to wait instead of demanding.(prove you care,now!)
-love keeps on being friendly to those who aren't friendly back.
-love doesn't hate the guy/girls who goes out with the guy/girl you like
-love doesn't brag about your good grades you made
-love isn't stuck up.
-love doesn't think you're better than others because your clothes sre more expensive.
-love lets others have their turn never put others down by acting like they don't count
-love doesn't insist on getting all the credit.
-love doesn't lose its temper.
-love doesn't hold grudges.(bless and do not curse).
-love doesn't think doing wrong is cool.
-love looks out for the interests of others.
-love keeps on trusting God(even when the right choices you make don't turn out the way you wanted.)
-love keeps on expecting the best.
-love doesn't gives up just because something goes wrong.(God is in charge!).
still don't get it??haiya..go read ur bible..turn to 1Corinthians,chap 13..or, go google,type define love..okie??

September 4, 2008

1 year older 1 year cuter

no no no...its not me..neither its not one of u too..i bet she won't be reading this at this age..wanna know who??hehe..let this pics tell u,alright?..

ta-da!!this is how she looks like when she's a few months old..
adorable??..she looks like im seksa-ing her mia..
but now......

yupp..this is my cousin,glenys..but this is taken when she's 1+ year old..*certainly.she doesn't need a specs*

now,she's already 2 year old..n she is much bigger,taller,prettier n smarter..*don't think she's jus a toddler* she's STRONG!!..once kena pukul,the next day sure blue-black me,i kena before de..N she's way smarter then u think she is..though she cant really talk smoothly like we do, but she is able to understand us..clever rite?? ask her anything,i bet she 's able to answer u.. but pls don't ask her the hard hard wan la,of cuz..btw,her name is Glenys Koay Jing-Yan.hobby?i guess she loves to run around,mummum-ing(which means eating)*not porridge ler..she loves sweets*may God bless her!!

September 2, 2008

just words..

exam is over!!..*err i mean sch trial exam ler* not pmr yea..=) dunno ler,maybe next week got jpn trial exam somor..some say yes but some say no..blur case rite?? paper?? B de ler..i checked every single questions de..haiz..but but harder,learn from mistakes n don repeat it..pray harder too??..honestly i din really study ler..haha..ho liau leh??..went sunshine farlim n tesco on fri.went hiking at muka-head n gurney on sat,kayaking on sun,last but not least i went queens on mon..muahahaha!!see..i wont waste my times doin ntg!!haha..

31st august-malaysia's 51st b'day(merdeka)
17th october-pmr candidates's merdeka
27th november-spm candidates's merdeka

while ppl countdown for countdown for my 'merdeka'..haha