December 22, 2008

I Miss It!

I miss the drama.. I miss the Dance I miss Dewan I miss the kids I miss everything! =( now i have to figure out what to do on sunday besides going to church.. haix. I kind of having this weird weird feelings ler but i dunno what kind of feelings it is.. lol Whats wrong with me?! ~.~

By the way, im not going Singapore anymore.The happpy one is I get to take my result before my parents do.. =)hahah. And i don have to travel for so long all by myself. Then i wont miss the Pulau Jerejak Outing,Thanksgiving nite and of cuz Parties!..The sad one pula, no more holiday for me =( No more Orchard Road No more shopping for Christmas Present. Thats all I cant think of. Tell me if you thought of any.

One more thing before i say Buh-bye, I' gonna take my results this Wed. Am i nervous?
Will I get a good results? Will I cry? Will my parents be proud of me? Hey, so what if I score or not?, i can still work harder in my SPM mer.. What if?! Yea, this are all my thoughts that went through my mind last nite. Make me woke up so early taday.. haiz. But 7 A'S to me is an impossible mission. Unless God say let it be then okay la.. hahah.. dream on babeh!!

December 16, 2008


As you know that i'll be going to Singapore next week, but i have to miss loads of activities here in Penang you know! =( Firstly, its the SSK'S Watz Up Outing. Winners or the STD 6 get to go for FREE!! me=winner=free. lol. Then my cou sista and I are actually planning to celebrate my grandpa's b'day on Christmas eve. *cuz we never celebrate his b'day before! NEVER!* But bcuz of me we have to change the date to 1 Jan. =( Thirdly, Christmas Parties! Well, my friends always plan parties. Etc, New Year, Chinese New Year too and of cuz Christmas! Yea, EVERY YEAR!. And not to forget our church's dinner. Sad me =( And also my PMR results. It might be coming out on the 27th Dec. So i guess my dad have to go thr personally to take my results for me. Haix

December 15, 2008

Here I Come!

I will be going to Singapore next week!! yay! lol. I'll be celebrating Christmas there i guess. haix Just hope that Singapore wont be that pack ler.If not what's the difference celebrating in Penang, kan? But fist of all, i have to travel from Penang to Johor by BUS to meet up with my mom and my aunty thr! *plane tickets are fully booked de i tink* This is what happen for last minute planning. =.=
So SINGAPORE, here i come! whee =)

December 12, 2008

Im finding a new blogskin.
i found one that caught my attention but sadly,
someone else use it de ler.
still searching!

December 11, 2008

Reports on the Outing

This is an outing for all those who took PMR or SPM *THIS YEAR!*.. ect, Me, Ching Mun, Mabel, Melanie, ShiaWen, Aaron, Andrew, Ben, Brandon, Dexter, Gabriel, Melvin including Pa.,WaiFong and Nicholas.but i dunno why Adrian follow along.. oh well.. Actually, this outing was planned for kayaking n picnic. Manatau, everything change when the gals wanted to go for the parasailing. And there is only 1 word to describe it which is FANTASTIC! Yea, its nice but not the landing part lah of cuz. My butt hurts! hahah..

Banana boat is next! 1 thing i learnt is not to sit at the back and never let the guys sit infront. You wont understand until you've 'been thru' of what i've been thru ytd. LoL. Then, instead of kayaking, The guys said they wanna go bowling. But before that, Adrian, Brandon, Ben and I went to Ben's place for a shower. Cuz im all wet n salty!! lol

Mabel, Ching Mun, Pastor and I went for bowling and the rest played a few games of pool and snooker. And of cuz, Mabel and I played pool also ler. Surely, Mabel ada style and skills one walaupun she's a beginner. After dropping Ben and Mabel, we went Gurney for makan then off to Home Sweet Home. hahah.FYI, I spend almost 100 bucks ytd.

December 9, 2008

All My Thanks To YOU!

I want a new mp3 since a few months ago,
But my dad says no!
But ytd he took me to buy a new phone
Cuz he knew my phone spoiled.
He bought me the Nokia ExpressMusics
It's like 2-in-1.
phone n mp3.
Sort of ler.
All My thanks To both of my Dad.
Greatest thanks to our heavenly Father.
Truly He Knows everything.
Even if u did not say it in prayer, but He Knows!!
So i went to the Fast n Prayer thing yesterday at Hunza. Im jus suprised to see many ppl there. i mean besides the elderly, ada youth juga la.. And i din noe its compulsory! But still i noe there are others who dint turn up for it. No Worries. Pas. Marcus dint ask me to catch you la.. Hahah. Cuz you can always fast at home..
I was so eager for the fast to break. * cuz im hungry mer* i ordered Mcd at 4.15, delivered at 4.45. Waited sambil reading the bible. And when the clock struck 5, im like woo-hoo!!.. Can eat de..LOL..quickly say grace and BREAK FAST!! =) lol
And believe me, i ate a lot!! i cant believe i can finish 2 piece of chicken, fries and the coke. i must be really hungry..
Okok. i shall jus end the fasting one ler.. haha..

December 6, 2008

May I Introduce You To...

Yesterday i went to my cousin's house after going to Salvation.. And guess wat?? i met a super hot friend of mine.. hahah.. he's name is Henry and i guess i just fell in love with him.. Love at first sight huh?? haha.. don worry it took a pic of him.. so let me introduce u to my super cute 'DOG' of mine, Henry!! hahah

ta-da!! cute ah?? but i dunno why he loves my hand so much.. he'll jus cuddle with my hand everytime one.. lol..

December 5, 2008

u missed it!!

i ask most of you to come but
most of u dint turn up!!
its nice u noe..
btw, i meant the waterfall hike.. lol

P.S: im jus bored!! hahah

Another Day of Fun

Actually im suppose to go to school one but i changed my mind last night.. chiaming told me that there will be a hiking to the waterfall at botanical garden.. So, i ended up ppk-ing *fong fei kei* on my friends n ms. koay.. We reach there at 9 a.m. but sadly, cm's not there yet so we decided to take a walk 1st.. And yes!! i love the flowers!! i don noe why but somehow i felt relaxing when i sees flowers.. But its just so sad that i cant rmb the names.. And of cuz i noe names like rose, hibiscus, orchid?? lol..
Even its a long and tiring * i mean really tiring!* hike, but its worth it when you reach the waterfall.. Its just so nice. Relax. And wow?? Pics is with ChiaMing.. I think he'll post it ler.. so visit his blog if you wanted to see the pic.. If not, ask me la!!
Then, we went to gurney to have pur lunch.. Trust me, pastamania sucks!! im serious.. don believe, TIY!! *try it yourself* played a few games of pool then off to Salvation!! i bought this CD, John Davis for 9 bucks.. well, its a emo song!! lol
And here i am, blogging.. hahah

December 4, 2008


i like it!! The AYA ppl mail something to me and i found this!! I jus love their shirts.. I wanted to order wan but i just dunno how.. lol.. but its quite expensive oso ler.. RM35 per t-shirts excluding of RM8.35 for delivery charges.. sob sob T.T
log on to their website for more details.

Dress Rehearsal

i have to admit that our dance is a total mess.. especially the last part.. but jus our dance.. the rest is really good.. And my fav is the kids dance.. =) i totally love it.. *everything is ok, everything alright, i got Jesus in my life* Lol.. especially when it reach to the 'whoa 'part. Hahah.Those who were there or Melvin, i think you noe what im talking about huh?
from left: doreen janice, shiawen, me and colleen(bottom)
from left: joseph, konjoe, ariel, nicholas and gabriel(missing!)
Both pics above are not taken by me. i think its collen ler.. cuz my memory card was with her. Without realising it, she snap a few pics of us.. =.= Off to the toilet now.. gotta take a bath. *jus woke up onli ok* then at 6, me goin Baptist then off to practise.. God Bless Ya!!

December 3, 2008


Im jus so bored!! hey, imagine living with ur granpa until the end of Dec!! u wont die but you'll suffer!! nonono!!.. its not that he'll kill you or wat ler.. but we got ntg to talk about.. if got oso you have to SPEAK LOUDER!! cuz he got hearing problems!! hey, don laugh!! you'll be like my grappie when you get old T.T

im jus wondering if the quiz is getting popular.. *.* i can see ppl posting about their results in their bloggie.. especially the 'are you romantic or realistic' one..


P.S: im not gonna be like ShiaWen!! nah!!

December 2, 2008


okok.. so i saw that romantic or realistic test and amazingly i took it..why?? im bored!!

You Are A Romantic

You life your life like a fairy tale... or at least you try to.

Living for magical moments, you believe there's only one true love for you.

Love is the most important thing in your life, and you don't take it for granted.

Your perfect match loves to be in love as much as you do!

You are Milk Chocolate

A total dreamer, you spend most of your time with your head in the clouds.

You often think of the future, and you are always working toward your ideal life.

Also nostalgic, you rarely forget a meaningful moment... even those from long ago.


I told she vain!

December 1, 2008


believe it or not, i just abandon-ed my bloggie for 18 days..if anyone realise it ler..
hahah..its not my 1st time anyway..XD but i got my reason one ler.. And it's...babies..yea,, babies.. lol..i travel 16hours on a 2-way trip to pahang just to visit my newborn cousin.. but its worth it..why?? cuz i loves kids AND she's CUTE!!.. hahah.. and she vain too.. lol.. seriously!! i dunno what's wrong with the blogger, i cant upload the pictures.. i shall just upload it for you next time when i have the time to.. im fully book-ed this month..

Dec 3-Dress Rehearsal
Dec 5- Im going back to shcool..
Dec 6- Whatz Up Day(finale)
-Clowning, Queensbay Mall
Dec10-I dunno what they call it but its for PMR-er and SPM-er
Dec 8-16- Im suppose to be in Singapore but i got loads of stuff to do in Pg.
Dec 13- Carolling in Hunza for SSK Christmas celebration
-Ignite in Queensbay Mall
Dec 18- Full Dress Rehearsal
Dec 19,20 and 21- Christmas Presentation
Dec 24-Im organizing a b'day party for my grandpa.. =)
Dec 25- Merry christmas =) i might be going for the dinner..*MIGHT*
Dec 27-Pulau Jerejak.. the winnner for Whatz Up Day will be going for FREE!! Btw,my
group,ALPHA is leading.. whee =)
-i will be going to Melaka!! 2 days 1 night trip..

Do i look busy?? but it should be the same with you all ler.. its just that i got an extra SSK program.. right?? i want to go shopping oso cannot.. sad me =(