March 31, 2009

Go Green? nah..

I know everybody is saying Go GREEN to save the world.
But what im talking about is not our nature!
Its one of the Houses in my school.
Yeah, Green House won this year.
Firstly, Congratulations! hahah.
I know Green beat Us, YELLOW by 72 points.
Still, Im proud of Yellow House.
Why? cuz every year Yellow won because we have Lee Julin in our House.
* she's like the best runner lah okay? if you all don't know*
We can't just count on her for every year right?
We, YELLOW need to be independent!
And this mean we need to work harder next year! *cheers*
*and this also mean we need to at least pass our Add. Math. lol.cause we promise to Pn.Lim that if Green won, we will try or maybe have to pass our Add.Mt*
PS : I'm having a bad sore throat1 =( why? for all the screams n cheers loh.
Its very 'chi-kek' when i see Yellow running. hahah.
So, to Green, Red and Blue, wait till you see Yellow go back up again next year!
Amen? Yeah..
- XD-

March 30, 2009

Just Once More!

All I wanted to say is....
Err.. i mean YELLOW HOUSE RULES!! =)
All Yellow house members, We Rocks!! woo hoo!!...
Tomorrow is the Big Day already!!
Yellow House mia Fans, Do pray for us , aite?
P.S. : No matter who wins, Yellow House is still the BEST! =D
* saja post this up only one larh. no hard feelings.*

March 29, 2009

Nowadays I don't feel like going out.
All I want is to stay at home and sleep for the rest of my days.
=.= Im gonna be like a pig soon ade lar.
Well, I just did it! lol
I was planning to go kayaking with Melvin they all one,
But i got headache, so i dint follow and sleep until now!
Im still having thhe headache, tho.
hahah. Okay lar.
I better go off soon. I havent finish my homework yet.
BBuh-Bye. =)

March 27, 2009

How Much do You Love HIM?

Ask yourself this,
Just somthing i wonder and to ask you!
If you do love HIM a LOT,
then would you give anything in tis life to serve Him?
Like, give up on someone you've long for,
Grounded for life! *if your're fm a non-christian family*,
to miss an outing when your invited,
or maybe to attend a lousy CF? *i'm not saying my sch one la*
I'm just wondering...
If you say you love HIM,
then why don't you just do/be somthing that HE wants you to do/be?
tho, that somthing is somthing that you would never do/be in your life.
If HE would even die for YOU without knowing who you are for HE loves you,
Would you die for HIM?
And why am i seeing so many ppl missing a particular service without a logical reason?
It might be boring, but its concering GOD!
Wouldn't you want to seek HIS face like you have never seek HIM before?
What if He's coming back tomorro?
Are you sure you already have the ticket to heaven?
And what if you'r in heaven already, And Jesus wants to take you to visit Hell,
and you saw you friends and family there, BURNING!?
What if...
What if...
What if...
What if...
There's a lot of What If , If, Why? aiyah.. all sorts of questions in my mind i would just wanted to ask.
Still, the main question is,

March 25, 2009


Firstly, I didn't fail my Add Maths. too!
woo hoo!... =) err.. sill i got
But i passed! nyek nyek.
I went to midlands with my cousin brother today.
the reason is to go Popular as they are having a clearance sale.
Believe me, it was so packed!
And the line is soooo looong..*from one end to the other*
We were so lazy to line up that we just headed home.
=.= *after half an hour to find a parking*
I bought a pair of flip-flops and a piece of cake(Opera) at Bread History.
Ermmm don't ask me how was the cake.
It's still in my fridge. =)
That's all for today and off I go!
Got loads of homework to finish and a music lesson to attend later.
GBU! =)

March 24, 2009

Better Think before You Do!

Always Think Before You Do/Say!
You won't know untill you got hurt.
Every little steps or word might hurt ppl around you without realising it.
I know the person who did it won't be reading this.
So that's why i'm posting this up.
But since God says forgive!, then i shall follow Him.
Or else!... *!@#&!@#!*
And since you're a christian yourself!
You Better Watch Out! *grins*

March 23, 2009


I din't fail my Physics!
Good thing? Err... DUH!!
I thought i would fail my Physics and Add math! hahah
Hmm.. Praise the Lord!
One down, One more to go!..
Tomorrow marching.
My skin colour is starting to get black already. =(

March 22, 2009

Back to School =(

Last day of holidays!
i mean as in really last day ade! T.T
I want school but no homework, can ah? heheh.
please? *begs but no puppy eyes*
I know my eyes doesn't work! lol.
Haiz. I miss my school friends esp the siau siau one's.
I even bought chocolate for them! =) nice-kan?
*actually, i promise to do so*hahah.
still, i spent my $$ to keep my words!
I'm crapping again. Aiyah, im bored mer.
I stay at home just to finish my homework n I got an oral to do.
I could have went out with my cousins but i didn't!
Har! you see ler. I've changed! lol
*Cause i usually don't do homework one*
Everything last minute mia. heheh.
Okay ler. i shall end my craps here.
*off to date with my TV already*
Keep smiling! =)

March 20, 2009

RedBox! =}

Hello! =)
It's the last day of holidays already. sigh! =(
It's mean back to school, more homeworks, asignments, folio's.
Arghhh.... *runs away*
Aihh.. What to do?
Nevermind, ignore that! hahah
Anyway, since im out of stuff to post about,
Why don't I talk about my "party" in RedBox last evening, aite?
My sis, my cou bro (the driver) and I left my house at 5++.Went to Eve to get a cake for my cousin sis.Then, off to Gurney. *trust me, his driving is a lil "blur". *He almost knock 2 cars! I repeat, 2 CARS! Just thank God i survived! lol. Okay, Back to the story. Reach thr at around 6pm, registered, got 2 rooms. *luckily i booked 2 rooms. If not ah.. chaos!* Why? Cause the adults sure choose all the "lau lau mia songs" mer. Us, youngsters sure pengsan one.. hahah. We waited for 2 hours for the rest to arrive! I wonder what were they doing! Busy make up kah?

This is taken while waiting for the rest to arrive.* bad quality punya camera*

This "party" is also held for a suprised b'day party. Its my cousin sister's b'day! So much for her suprise, she looks a lil angry. lol.

My cousin sister, Evon and her mommy!

Her b'day cake!.

Sorry ler. My hands were shaking when im taking this photo due to my cousin's siau-ness.

Err.. yea hahah.. She loves singing too.

March 19, 2009

My Dad and I

Im always so different from my dad.
I don't know why.
i want this but he wants that.

*me : dad*

I want to be a psychologist : When u grow up, take up pharmacist.
I want a guitar : I'll buy you a motorcycle.
I just want a simple b'day party : Let's have a buffet b'day party!
I want to study in Malaysia! : After your SPM, I'll send you to Aus.
I love western! : No!, seafood better.
I want to work after my SPM/PMR : No, unless you work for me.
Can i follow cheh-cheh* my elder sis* to KL to work? : No!, too dangerous. I dont trust you or your cheh-cheh.
What the heck!!!!!*!@#$%#@#@!*
We talked about all this last night,
when we went out for supper at 1a.m.
Different people, different opinion?

March 18, 2009

Skipping classes

I've been skipping classes a lot lately!
Good? Bad? i don't know.
I skipped today's Chemistry and Physics tuition.
*Anyway, wednesday's class is always so noisy that you can't even concentrate! I bet you can only hear laughter of Cgl-ians. eihh not me larh. im always very quiet one. perasan me again hahah*
And i will be skipping my Bm tuition tomorrow again.
*i skipped it last week btw. heheh*
No larh, i'm going Red Box in gurney tomorrow with my family mer.
Wanted to celebrate all of our "success" in PMR and SPM.
*FYI, my cousin brother score 12A1 and B3(est) in his SPM.*
He's smart you know.
Okay larh. I want to continue watching my drama ade.
=) Bye bye!
Will be going kayaking this friday!..
4 more days until school starts.
i just dint like to wake up at 5.50am. larh
*sleepy pig* heh.
Okie, i shall stop giving nightmares to myself already.
Let's talk about my day in Queens. =)
I have to admit that Queens is boring.
Unless, you went with your parents, then different stories le.
Cause they'll be the one paying mer, right?
Btw, i went with 2 of my former neighbours, Jia Ling and Dexter.
And also Adrian , my lil sis and 2 of her friends.
Because of these particular annoying sister of mine,
Im late for 2 hours. 2 HOURS!!
Sorry larh Dex n Adrian. heh
I asked her on the night before, she said no.
When im ready and all, then only she tell me that she wanna follow along.
Ishh!!! must wait for her n her 2 friends to bath and so on.
Anyway, we watch The City Of Ember.
It's a nice movie i would say.
And 'HOT' actor. S.M.I.L.E.

I even thought of Malaysia ended up in this city.
Out of food, no light, poor people, gigantic insects/ rats.
Aiyah, you will understand after watching this movie.
Gotta go.
I've got a tuition later at 4.30pm and a music class later at

A new Friend of mine!

I've been spending loads of time with him lately.
From morning to evening. from night to early morning. Romantic huh?
He's really cute!, slim, funny, relaxing and a huge man!
He knows how to play good musics too..
*at least he talks louder than i can*
He would be my Prince Charming if he wouldnt mind.
heheh. =) Wanted to know who?
alright alright.

this is Panasonic LCD TV TX-32LE86M.
Cute huh? haha.

March 16, 2009

All messed up!

I think holiday is bad for me!..
I missed church because i over slept.* laugh if you wanted to*
I've been sleeping late as in 4-5a.m.
Woke up late. Had cereal as lunch. lunch as dinner.
What the heck!
Everything is starting to turn upside down, downside up.
Acting as if i'm some miserable girl next door.
Just found my interests in acting,
now im gonna lose myself!..
ouhh ouhh ouhhh...
Im going to Queens tomorrow!! =)
Finally i get to go out.. been a really goood girl lately.
hahah.. *perasan me*
Everything is okay,
Everything is alright,
Cause I got JESUS in my life. =)

March 15, 2009


Tagged by Rachel Tan
The Rules are :
Copy to your own note, erase my answer, and enter yours.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.They have to be real, nothing made up !If the person before you had the same first initial,you must use different answers.You cannot use any word twice &you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
1.What is your name: Shir Hoay
2.A four letter word: Sail *i wish to go sailing someday =(*
3.A boy's name: Shannon
4.A girl's name: Shannie
5.An occupation: Salesman?
6.A color: Silver
7.Something you wear: Sweater
9.Something found in the bathroom: Showering cap
10.A place: Sunset Bistro! hahah
11.A reason for being late: Showered too long!
12.Something you shout: SH!! lol.. joking.. Siau ah??
13.A movie title: Superhero movie *i have to even refer to the movie ticket i've been collecting*
14.Something you drink: Shandy? hahah
15.A musical group: Sonicflood
16.An animal: Snake
17.A street name: Sang Kancil Road.
18.A type of car: Silvia
19.A song title: Second chance
20.A verb: Share. * is it a verb?*
The person I tagged,
Kah loon
Shia Wen

March 14, 2009

I just wanted to say....
HI people!! lol
Aiyah im bored le. Lazy to finish my whole tons of homework.
heh. XD

March 13, 2009

just wanna go online and check my email le.
i recieved an email from a friend of mine le, 'FUNNY SIGNS'
i wonder if i should forward it to you all or not.
Its kinda funny in the beginning but very DIRTY in the end.
If you really want it, just let me know.
btw, ShirHoay is still HAPPY!
S.M.I.L.E. =)
Aint telling you why!.
* its for me to know and for you to find out!* =X
Buh Bye! sleepy ade. O.o


FYI, my school doesn't have CF as a society!
but it exist!! unofficially, though.
STILL, Im amazed!
I mean you know, UNOFFICIALLY?
Loads of works to do, you know?
Its very hard to get it registered, i dunno why the JPM don't allow?
It's unfair! other school have it but not ours.
I believe God will show us the way somehow.
Anyway, we had a CF meeting today. sort of a committe meeting le.
We're gonna have a Good Friday and Easter celebration!
woo-hoo!! =D
And i don't know why must they put me incharge of drama!
=.= Its not like i dont like drama or what.
*Just so you know, i serve in SSK as an actress since i was 11*
But suddenly i lose my interest in acting.
Most of them 'praised' me saying im very good in acting.
But im not that dramatic le. hahas
I don't know le. =(
I mean i love to act but its like i don't have the talent in acting anymore.
*Talents, where did you go? Are you lost somewhere?*

March 12, 2009


Shir Hoay is HAPPY today!
Praise the Lord!
Shirhoay wishes all those who took their SPM results,
So far, i know a few of my friends got straight A1's.
*you know who you are*
but still, no matter what you get.
Im proud of you! as well as your Daddy up there.
*You should thank me for praying for you! hahah. no le.*
Give thanks to the Lord!
*keep smiling* =)

March 11, 2009


I would like to wish all those out thr, in here, those reading this,
who's gonna take their/ your SPM results tomorrow,
You might feel nervous, scared, worried, all sorts of weird feelings le,
But no worries, im sure you'll score with a flying colours.
Just put your hope in Him, trust Him!.
" for He is good to those who's hope is in Him"
Just surrender everything to Him!
Your Dad knows your struggles.
He knows you! Yea, you! *points*
And to those who have taken your STPM results,
No matter what you get, your Dad and i are proud of ya!
Then, to those who are or will be sitting for your exams,
ALL THE BEST too! =)
Pray more than you study!
*rmb the paper Man Yoke gave you all during Ignite?,
the one about exams one? rmb?.. Yea, read that! it helps, okie?*
Just keep smiling! God created that smile too.
=X =/ =) =D. hahah

March 10, 2009

Bahasa Melayu. haix.

My BM teacher scolded our class again le.
Sama le. Lemah lo.
And guess what?
i got 27 marks for my karangan ONLY! over 100 u know?
btw, its not the 1st term ler.
If it is, i'll surely cry like mad only.. lol
Now, she want us to read more newspaper which is in malay language!
I did! i asked my mom to buy me more of it. Lolol..
hahah.. okay ler.. that's all im gonna say for tonight.
Will update my blog when im free! Alright?
Off to finish my karangan! And my sis is killing me!!
*runs away*

March 9, 2009

Hello people!!
If there's even somone reading this. hahah.
Aiyah. I'm taking a break ler.
Got tons of homework haven't finish yet. =(
I even forgot about it. lolol.
DIE DIE!! X/ somor wanna go out.
Thank God i din't if not i don't think i can even finish it.
* actually i haven't XD*
People, please please do pray for me.
I might be getting my Biology, Physics, Add maths and Moral tomorro!.
Especially Physics and Add Maths!!
Oh no...
*Saying to myself, You shall think positively like what pastor had shared last week*
Gotta go, wanted to sleep early tonight. heheh.
Kuai kan? lol
Off to the mirror and start dreaming of me not failing! z.Z

P.S: im still in love with Jeremy Camp! Songs like, I Am Nothing. Go listen lah.. =)


Currently waiting for my com to finish downloading the Jeremy Camp's album.
44 more minutes to go. And 1 more albun to go.
lol. But i'll download that some other time.
Im tired of Parachute Band and Altered Frequency already.hehe
But Im still listening lah. XD
I set my phone in shuffle mood mer.
jump here jump there one mer.
Okay, im think im starting to crap a lot
Just ignore all my craps lah.
By the way, it's raining here. =(
Was planning to go Bukit Dumbar for squash with my friends one.

Im into Jeremy Camp's music!!

Its really nice!!

Just listen lah.

Youtube got a lot!!


Just came back from ChiaMing's farewell party.
He's going to Singapore for 3 months then Kl for studies.
We went to some steamboat bbq place somewhere at Penang Road i guess.
It's a buffet lah of cuz, but Im still hungry! lol
After that, went to Sunset Bistro at Batu Feringhi.
*Don't think we go there and minum ya! Its just very relaxing. You know, at the beach, with friend all crazy one, comfy chair,place where you can really enjoy your stress-free life*
Manatau, reach there like around 15 minutes like that only,
hujan pulak! Apalah.
No choice loh, everybody balik kampung.
Buh- bye Rev. Dc. Low Chia Ming!
This post is for you! *so don't say i boh sim! lol*
No worries.
God is always with you and you yourself know that!
All the best in everything you put your hands in!
Will keep you in my prayer!
Alright? =)
I wonder why is everybody leaving Penang. =(
Is it because Penang is simply not good enough or wat?
For fun?
For 'extra experiences'? Sigh.
Sooner or later, all my good friends will be leaving too.
Leaving me behind in Penang. =(
My close buddies, school friends, Ignite one, my cousin?
*You know who you are!*

March 6, 2009

Satisfied Or Not

Satisfied Or Not?
okay lah. Maybe a lil of no?
I got my Chemistry n Math marks ade.
I was actually panicing and NERVOUS!
I usually dont feel that way..Well, besides PMR results lah..*I wonder.*
well it's out of my expectation!
I thought i would fail....But I pass! XD
Not bad lah, even if its way lower than the highest mark.
Thou shall not compare! =)
And guess what?
My Chemistry teacher said that this year is BETTER than last year.
So, im actually proud of myself even if i got B for
But still, i lose my 12 marks for my careless mistakes! 12 marks!
I could get an 'A' if i have the time to check the last part. Garhh!!
But, Isn't it the definition of Exams? sigh.
Satisfied+No=Work Harder!

March 4, 2009

Tests is Over

1st Term is over!!
which means 3 more exams to go!!
But now, LET'S PARTY!!
At least for awhile la.
Cuz i still have to do my Nilam and Bio lab report.
And more homeworks!!.
Physics, Chemistry, Add math N math, DIE!!
The rest okay lah. Quite tricky but i think i can at least pass?
Or maybe getting a 2 digits marks?
Aiyoh.. cant stay for long.
Need to go for my music lesson.